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Using A Translator For Foreign-Speaking Witnesses Doesn't Mean The Witness Is Deaf!

Huh?  Okay, I’ll explain. I have a client, whom I love, whom shall remain nameless, who elevates his voice to 90 decibels whenever he’s taking a deposition using a translator. Here is an example of decibel levels so you get the picture: Example of decibels DECIBEL SOUND EXAMPLE 75 Constant sound Busy restaurant around lunchtime... Read more »

How To Spot A Fake Court Reporter

There are some things that can be faked without dire consequences–high-end bags, shoes, watches, and apparel, to name a few. Whenever I visit New York, I’m amazed by the number of street vendors peddling an array of counterfeited luxury items, everything from Lois Vuitton to Rolex.  While I would agree with Milton Pedraza, CEO of... Read more »