My Guilty Pleasure: Bagapalooza!

Last night was the ChicagoNow blogapalooza.  My sincere apologies to my editor, Jimmy, and all my bloggopeers in our happy bloggosphere for missing THE event of the season! “THE event,” you ask?  For those of you who are occasional visitors to our blogworld, the event was…


What’s my excuse?  That I don’t have a guilty pleasure?  Pishaw!  Bite your tongue.  However, mine is a pleasure without guilt!

My excuse is that I teach on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  So I’ve written myself a hall pass and taken it upon myself and extend my deadline.  (You’re welcome, Jimmy!)

So what is my guilty pleasure?  Nope, that’s not a typo in my title.  BAG-a-palooza!  Purses!

My friend Kim, A City Mom, says that the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one, a problem.  Well, if I thought I had a problem, I’d certainly admit it.  (Denial, denial, denial.)  I don’t have a problem!!!!!

You know who has the problem (deflection)?  I’ll tell you who has THE PROBLEM:  Women who pay full price for their purse addiction.

Nearly every purse in my collection (and the attached photo gallery represents a miniscule percentage of THE collection) is an eBay find!  True that!  Yep.  Most of them are NWT (Translation:  new with tags)!  eBay, the virtual used car lot of purses–some of which have never been taken for a spin!  I.  KID.  YOU.  NOT.

This purse girl refuses to pay full price.  Well, usually.

My egg timer has just signified the end of my blagapalooza!  My time was spent on the all-important photo shoot!  Yes, there are more!  D’ah!

Hey, Jimmy, how about a Guilty Pleasure II sans le guilt?



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