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The Relationship Breakup List

I live in Chicago.  Anyone who lives in Chicago and loves morning talk radio while they’re getting ready for work and/or commuting to their jobs listens to Eric and Kathy on WTMX 101.9.  I know I’m carbon dating myself when I say that back in the day, it was Steve Dahl and Gary Meyers.  After... Read more »

Exhibit A Why I Cross Party Lines When I Vote: Susanne Atanus

As a result of recent posts, I’ve been experiencing daily deja vu. The conversation goes like this: COMPOSITE PERSON:  What are you? ME:  Clarification? COMPOSITE PERSON:  You know, which party? ME:  I love parties. COMPOSITE PERSON:  No, I mean political party.  Are you one of those? ME:  One of what? COMPOSITE PERSON:  (Sotto voce.)  Ah, ya... Read more »

My Guilty Pleasure: Bagapalooza!

My Guilty Pleasure:  Bagapalooza!
Last night was the ChicagoNow blogapalooza.  My sincere apologies to my editor, Jimmy, and all my bloggopeers in our happy bloggosphere for missing THE event of the season! “THE event,” you ask?  For those of you who are occasional visitors to our blogworld, the event was… GUILTY PLEASURES! What’s my excuse?  That I don’t have... Read more »

The Man With The Worn-Out Soles: Way To Go, Rep. Sandack

The Man With The Worn-Out Soles:  Way To Go, Rep. Sandack
Tonight’s election returns were truly a nail-biter for this bloggess. As my day began, I was noodling on a blog that was titled something like, “Back, back, WAY BACK!  It’s a home run for incumbent Rep. Ron Sandack!  And the fans go wild!” As this day has drawn to a close, I spent the final... Read more »

Res Ipsa Loquitur: A Dan Proft-Sponsored Poll For Candidate Keith Matune

Polls don’t lie. In legalese, it’s known as “the document speaks for itself” when a witness clearly cannot answer the question without creating a problem for his/her case. In the case of politics, it’s the poll.  “The poll speaks for itself.”  The poll can’t lie; it’s just type font.  Type font can’t lie.  It can’t... Read more »

Why I'm Harshing On Keith Matune

Why I'm Harshing On Keith Matune
Because running against an incumbent on anti-gay marriage platform is actually an anti-inclusive platform.  Isn’t it? For me, the question of whether the Republican Party is ready to change to a party of inclusivity will be answered by the 81st District in Tuesday’s primary. A particularly nasty battle for a State House seat has broken... Read more »

How Keith Matune Kept Me Up All Night

Good morning, Keith.  It’s me again.  I’m up early.  And it’s your fault. Okay, fine; early is a relative term.  In the eyes of most, writing an article at 11 a.m. on Saturday does not qualify as “being up early.”  However, I was robbed of my precious beauty sleep because you kept me up all... Read more »

How The Gay-Bashing IFA Intends To Win The Primary Ball Game: #Elect An Ex-Con

Heck of a campaign slogan.  Heck.  Of.  A.  Campaign.  Slogan. So a guy decides to run for State Rep in Illinois and his qualifications include three arrests:  Larceny, Indecent Exposure and Trespassing.  It sounds like the start of a bad joke, right?  Sadly, this true story is a bad joke being played on Illinois voters. ... Read more »

1,001 Reasons To Hate Justin Bieber: Dropping An F-Bomb On The Court Reporter

Thumbnail image for '1,001 Reasons To Hate Justin Bieber:  Dropping An F-Bomb On The Court Reporter'
Justin Bieber Dropping An F-Bomb On A Court Reporter Until now, I only had 1,000 reasons to hate Justin Bieber.  Thanks, Biebs, for giving me one more reason not to like you.  Honestly, I was never a fan of your music, but you’ve made it increasingly difficult to tolerate your behavior over the years.  You’ve... Read more »