I care about the White Sox too much.  This is a disability I've learned to somewhat overcome, but nonetheless it takes up a great deal of my unoccupied time.  To wit, a typical day:

I wake up in the morning and on the way to the bathroom I wonder if Tim Anderson is going to make the ordinary play in 2018.  He makes highlight reel plays to his left with regularity, but is he going to be money on the pedestrian ground ball next season?  I shouldn't have to worry about every standard 6-3 putout.

While brushing my teeth I transition to Abreu, staring at my drooping eyelids in the washroom mirror.  The Sox need to move him, and it pains me to think this.  I named a guinea pig after him for God's sake.  However, it's the right move.  With arbitration he's going to make in the neighborhood of 15-18 million dollars in 2018.  That is too much for one player to make in a definite (no illusions Sox fans) rebuilding year.  The Cardinals could use him and they have prospects.  I hate to see him go, but he'll be 33 years old in 2020, and 2020 is the year the White Sox become bullies in the American League if everything goes according to plan.

In the shower I wash my face and wonder what the Sox are going to do to plug the hole in the rotation that Rodon's injury has created.  They are definitely going to add a short term piece to fit into Rodon's spot in the rotation-someone post 30, cheap, and able to transition to middle relief once (if) Rodon returns (or they could flip him for a #12-18 ranked prospect upon Rodon's return like they did with Anthony Swarzak and Dan Jennings).  Regardless, Rodon needs to prove he can stay healthy moving forward, otherwise maybe he's an enormous trade chip moving closer to 2020.  He's a Boras client, so resigning him will always be an issue.  He is a free agent after the 2021 season...

You see what I mean?  I haven't even gotten out of the shower yet!  These are my days, worrying about a lack of depth on the infield corners in the Sox minor league system, concerned about Zack Collins's strikeout rate, and fixated on Carson Fulmer's exasperating progress toward an earned spot in a competitive starting rotation.  I haven't even poured my cereal in the bowl!

This is what my blog is about.  Sharing my White Sox insanity with you.  Informational and entertaining for you (sometimes), cheap therapy for me.  Better than running on Lake Shore Drive in 20 degree weather, medicating, or paying a therapist $125 an hour.