10 Reasons Why The Chicago White Sox Will Be 80-82 in 2021.

The William Hill Sportsbook and sports betting sites FanDuel and DraftKings have the White Sox at 90.5 wins for the 2021 season.  Predictions abound that they will surpass the Minnesota Twins and win the American League Central Division for the first time since 2008.  Optimism about the South Siders seems to be ubiquitous, headlined by Tim Anderson’s declaration on... Read more »

Rick, you have three choices.

Disclaimer:  I haven’t posted to Channeling Shoeless Joe for a while. When the Sox were ailing during the rebuild, for whatever reason, I felt I had more to say.  Now that they have a chance to separate from pretty good to great, I feel compelled to share once again. Either you were surprised by the White... Read more »


Look at your 2019 major league roster White Sox fans.  Despite what you hear about minor league reinforcements, specifically Luis Robert’s invincibility and Michael Kopech’s recovery, a significant percentage of the players here now should be here when the Sox contend again in 2020 or 2021. Let’s take a look at what’s in the major league... Read more »

At the halfway point of Year 3 of the rebuild...

…a fork in the road emerges. There have been encouraging signs for the future in the 2019 White Sox season.  Yoan Moncada is not a certain strikeout victim with two strikes.  Tim Anderson makes contact for Texas League base hits when he’s off balance, whereas last year he would have futilely waved at breaking balls away.  Lucas... Read more »

Despite my itch, this is NOT a Tim Anderson article*

*Disclaimer:  I intended to write very little about Anderson and bat flips, concentrating instead on the state of the rebuild 31 games into year three.  It did not work out that way.  My apologies. I have had 56 different Tim Anderson articles in my head since this bat flip nonsense happened.  In each I intended... Read more »

Are there 29 other teams in Major League Baseball?

Disclaimer:  If you’re a gambler, stop reading this blog post immediately and go to People.com to read about how Kanye West likes L.A., but he’d consider a move to Chicago, or visit Snopes.com to see how former president Richard Nixon hid proof of an alien life form in a time capsule.  Channeling Shoeless Joe doesn’t... Read more »

Your 2019 71 win White Sox!

Before we get started, let me provide you with a harsh reminder. Rick Hahn traded for James Shields in 2016.  At the time, Shields was 2-7 with a 4.28 ERA.  He had pitched 67.1 innings and allowed 69 hits, 27 walks, 9 home runs, and struck out 57.  He went on to have these 2... Read more »

Safe bet and radical prophecy

Before we get started… Michael Kopech, the White Sox #2 prospect, is out for the year due to injury. Dane Dunning, the White Sox #6 prospect, is out for the year due to injury. Alec Hansen, the White Sox #10 prospect last year and #15 prospect this year, regressed profoundly last year, going 0-5 with... Read more »

The air smelled sweeter on the south side that day, as clouds descended on San Diego

The analogy:  You really liked this girl.  She looked good.  Everybody wanted her, even though her ‘bad girl’ reputation preceded her.  You set that distraction aside, though, and pursued her with vigor.  Flowers.  Candy.  Ill conceived poetry.  Doing the Lloyd Dobler thing, where you held the radio over your head, while Stay With Me blared... Read more »

Nietzsche is indicting fans and talking heads from the grave, and the dead guy is the only one that makes sense

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” Rant: verb-speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way. Everywhere I ingest Major League Baseball information, especially the internet and the MLB Network, I read and hear people crying for Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and the free... Read more »