2016 National School Breakfast Week: March 7 - 11

Mamas, Dads, and Caregivers – quick! What’s the one meal that’s skipped most often in the USA? You guessed it: breakfast. Did you know that nearly half of all families in America regularly take a pass on what is arguably the most important meal of the day? True story and, if you’re one of those... Read more »

Dealing With Mommy Guilt

We’ve all been there, mamas… You’re on a flight for a three-day business conference when it hits you: You, my friend, are going to get a full night’s sleep without haggling over an extra 30 minutes before bed with your five-year old. You get to eat at a fancy-schmancy restaurant (or a greasy spoon) and... Read more »

Your Nanny Search - Planning Your List of Questions to Ask!

Last week, I wrote about why working with a nanny agency might be a good fit for your busy lifestyle. I mentioned that in any nanny search (whether you work with an agency or not), defining your family’s needs before you begin interviewing nannies is key. I’ve often heard, “but I’ve never had a nanny... Read more »

Hiring A Nanny Agency For Your Nanny Search

Have you thought about possibly hiring an agency to find the right fit for your new nanny? Here’s why it might be a great idea for you! A reputable agency has professionals (often mamas and former nannies) who know the ins and outs of the industry and are highly experienced in helping you navigate your... Read more »

What you REALLY need to know about riding the CTA with a stroller

Recently, the RedEye published an article about stroller etiquette on the CTA. It probably would have slipped under my radar if it hadn’t been highlighted by a post on the Chicago Tribune’s Facebook page. As a mom of five and full-time professional nanny, I couldn’t help glancing at the post and readers’ comments. I also... Read more »

Parenting Hack: An easy-peasy way to keep soft foods unbruised in diaper bags!

I love, love, love a good parenting hack. Some hacks are ideas I’ve known forever and others are new (at least to me)… either way, I love seeing the many ways they’re shared with parents, nannies, and caregivers because they’re always new to somebody, amirite? Well, today, it’s my turn to share a parenting hack... Read more »

The Passion of Being A Nanny

Both of us caring for young children, we watch over our charges and talk shop. “Can I ask you something? How much is standard for a nanny to make here in Chicago?” I tell her what I earned when I was caring for one child four years ago. “Oh, ha! No,” she says, making an... Read more »

Cooking With Kids Recipe: Sharp Mama Kel's Easy-Peasy Meatballs

I keep pretty busy with my young charges everyday. I mean, we are on the go. A lot. Which means we need sustenance – food! Which leads to cooking…and what a great way to teach cool kids yet another skill, right? I find that, if you build in a little time and let kids help... Read more »

Nature Crafts With Kids - Leaf Butterfly Art!

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a big fan of discovering nature with kids of all ages. Whether we’re in the city or a forest, we find ways to learn about our habitat (and yes, even in urban areas, there’s nature to find)! One of our favorite things to do is to go on... Read more »

That Time I Was So Angry I Completely Lost It

When you marry someone who isn’t a native English speaker, you learn a lot about language differences. A. Lot. I’m happily married to a wonderful Brazilian man. Yes, they’re sexy. Yes, they all are born doing the samba with soccer balls attached to their toes. Yes, they’re wonderful and kind and genuinely friendly. You know... Read more »