The Cannabis Green Rush is on.  As of June, 2017, twenty-nine states have legalized medical marijuana.  Illinois passed a House Bill in 2013 that allows for 2.5 ounces of usable cannabis during a 14 day period for the medical marijuana users who meet the state approved illnesses that are mostly immune disorder diseases or cancer. In July 2017 PTSD and people who were slated to die from a terminal illness in less than 6 months were added to the list of approved illnesses.

In one short year of working with cannabis investors, property owners, cultivators and extractors in the cannabis industry, it is remarkable to experience the speed of growth in this lucrative industry. Illegal growing of cannabis has been happening for decades in the States. In fact, when the housing crisis occurred in 2008, many homeowners rented their homes out to cannabis cultivators to save their residence from going into foreclosure. It was a "don't ask, don't tell" type of arrangement.

The  legalization on the State level of  medical marijuana has forced the illegal growers to become legitimate since the local and State agencies want their tax money. In fact, many of the cities that allow MMJ zoning are counting on the revenue from this industry to fill a shortfall for City and State pensions. These tax monies may, in fact, save some States from going bankrupt.

The one constant in the cannabis industry is that we are already in the Green Rush and though many may not talk about it,  investors and major corporations are already vested in the space, even if there is chance that the federal government may attempt to roll back their decision to allow the individual states to be involved in cannabis.

The Cannabis Green Rush is a site created to track the marijuana business and how it is evolving in changing our perception and knowledge of the cannabis industry. I am here to inform, educate and keep you all aware of where the places are for investment opportunities, the progress of legalization, the medical strides for treatment options, and information on the many companies that stand to benefit from this, soon to be billion dollar industry.

Welcome to the Cannabis world, where you will experience the most exciting revolution since the tech boom.

Contact: Terri Lee Ryan-terri@terrileeryan.com