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Musings on Father's Day weekend about my "other" dad

With Mary and Jim Johnson in East Carondelet, Illinois.
Last year, I wrote about my dad, Richard John Collins, for Father’s Day but, this year, I’m going to write about a father figure who played a very important role in my life. James Vernon Johnson was born in 1904 and told me his family was descended from slaves. He used to tell me about... Read more »

What makes Thanksgiving so darn special?

What makes Thanksgiving so darn special?
In this world, now filled with so much chaos and danger, the thought of gathering around the table with family and friends seems like a damned good idea. Never before have I so looked forward to this holiday. Chuck and I have lost so many loved ones recently, including his mom and one of our... Read more »

Why National Fried Chicken Day should be renamed Mary Lee Johnson Day

Mary Lee Johnson --Undisputed Queen of the Kitchen.
Today is National Fried Chicken Day and I hate to admit this, but it’s my favorite food in the world and it’s all because of Mary Lee Johnson from East Carondelet, Illinois. Mary was like a second mom to me. I knew her all my life as she had even been there when I was... Read more »

What Mary and Jim Johnson taught me about racial (in)equality

What Mary and Jim Johnson taught me about racial (in)equality
Mary Johnson was like a mother to me.  She took care of my grandmother before she passed away so I never knew a time without her until the day she passed away at age 93.   She was born in Cotton Plant, Mississippi, on September 30, 1903.  It wasn’t an easy time or place to grow... Read more »