I've missed you Chicago, welcome back (kinda)

I've missed you Chicago, welcome back (kinda)

Can’t you feel it? Along with Spring, comes a rebirth for Chicago too. It’s been over a year now since the horrors of the pandemic began and we are all ready to begin anew without the P word hanging over our heads.

I’m thrilled to hear laughter pouring out of our beleaguered restaurants and bars and I loved, loved, loved seeing a few lucky people at the Cubs opener.

I’m so glad to see people back in movie theaters again too, albeit socially distanced. (Godzilla vs Kong is fabulous at AMC East, a great surprise ending, as is Courier with Benedict Cumberbatch).

I think good weather and sunshine are powerful healers as well as having Covid shots opened up for everyone now (aged 16 and older). As of April, data from the CDC tallied over 150,000,000 vaccines does were administered across the U.S. I know I’m feeling safer and had no qualms whatsoever about getting away for a vaca in February.

Recently, I even renewed our passports and made sure we had vaccine certifications just in case. Who knows the places we all might go when things really open up for good? Right?

I know we’ve been dreaming of “getting back to normal” for a long time now but I fear our ideas of normal might never return. Already, nonprofits have seen the benefits of having virtual events–no to low costs, opening up their mission to people they would’ve never reached before, having easier access to celebs and entertainment who only need to zoom in and having the ability to be very creative–all assets in this brave, new world.

Granted, in-person events are slowly returning too, but the packed ballrooms of old might be a thing of the past–along with handshakes. I think our future events will be fabulous hybrids with virtual and in-person components combined.

I know we have all learned a lot of new tricks this past year, like the importance of a good ring light, having a great background and comfortable sweat pants. And honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear my high heels again. (But you know I will try!)

As I mentioned in my last blog, I cleared my closet of overly fancy gowns and dresses. If and when they ever come back again, I believe the look will be outer space chic so they wouldn’t work anyway.

I have learned the importance of a great book and have been reading now more than ever! Even though I’m not a big history buff, Erik Larson’s (of “Devil in the White City” fame) recent book, “The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz,” was riveting. I couldn’t put it down….Another great book I just finished is, “The Rose Code” by Kate Quinn. It’s based on true stories of those wacky, wonderful, wise, secret-keeping code-breakers of England’s Bletchley Park during WWII.

And although my reading skills have increased during the past year, my cooking skills, sadly, have stayed the same. My sister-in-law, Nancy Steinwald, gifted me with a wonderful cookbook (bless her heart, she’s trying to help), and it’s healthy and easy with mouth-watering Mediterranean recipes (“The Mediterranean Diet: Cookbooks for Beginners” by registered dietician/nutritionist Elena Paravantes. (I made the vegetarian paella, sooo good).

And even though I’ve enjoyed this time at home with Chuck, I am ready to rumble! I miss social interaction almost more than breathing. For a Gemini and an only child, social interaction is a life-affirming necessity for me. I need hugs, I need to kiss, I need to embrace humanity again. So, if you see me, you better cross the street.  

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