Playboy's new Playmate of the Year policy is so refreshing (and so inclusive) (VIDEO)

Playboy's new Playmate of the Year policy is so refreshing (and so inclusive) (VIDEO)
Playmates of the Year 2020, photo by Ali Mitton.

When Playboy recently decided to change its Playmate of the Year policy, I was dead set against it. I’m basically a traditionalist and I loved all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the selection of the Playmate chosen for this high honor, the one woman selected to represent all others for that particular year.

But, after reading this brilliant column by my friend Kristi Beck, Playboy’s Senior Manager, Partner Strategy, I have changed my mind. She is so spot on in stating that each of the 12 Playmates are vital to the magazine, they each bring something unique and exciting to their perspective roles. One is not better than the other. After all, the magazine is all about equality and diversity and what better way to drive this point home than to bestow this coveted title on every one of them! We/they are all beautiful and deserve this recognition and Playboy sees that.

Good on you Playboy for recognizing that every woman is special and for not being afraid of change! Can’t wait to see where we go next!

Read part of Kristi Beck’s article, titled “The Evolution of the Playmate of the Year,” below and see the entire post and video here:

“One thing I’ve learned in my time at Playboy is that without evolution nothing will succeed. I like to say, “If it ain’t broke, make it better,” a concept that has challenged our team ever since the magazine went quarterly in the winter of 2019. How can we take the beloved moments that Playboy has so famously presented for 66 years and push them to even greater heights?

As we closed out 2019, chatter began in our office around who would be our next Playmate of the Year. While we knew and still know what an honor the title is, we found ourselves looking at 12 fantastic women, each of whom we had spent an enormous amount of time with, and we knew all of them embodied the Playmate persona — equally and exceptionally. We wanted to make sure the brand was handling something so precious with caution and care.  (Read rest of post and see video here)

And follow Kristi Beck on Instagram here. You can imagine how good her photos are!

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