Final Throne Chicago: If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you won't wanna miss this

The authenticity is astounding! Final Throne Chicago, a Game of Thrones-inspired pop-up party bar at 809 W. Evergreen, opened last night, April 20, and it is a must see if you’re a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones. I’m a total geek for this show so this experience was like visiting Disneyland for the first time for me. (Take a video tour here!)

The theme envelops you as soon as you step inside the door and travel along the top of the “Wall” to enter the space. There, Daenerys and Khal Drogo greet you in full costume looking every inch the real characters they represent on TV.

The main level houses the outstanding Hall of Faces, eerily detailed, where bartenders dressed as henchmen serve “White Walker” Johnny Walker scotch, Game of Thrones chardonnay and red wine, along with many other cocktail choices, some served out of chalices.

The great white Weirwood tree, from the godswood of Winterfell, spreads its branches in the entryway, with periodic snowfalls. Crazy, right?!

Then, you move around the corner and there it is, the Iron Throne in all its majesty, just like you remembered it. I couldn’t wait to sit on it and feel the power. Cersei, I’m coming for you!

Upstairs is another complete GOT experience, this time inspired by Littlefinger’s lair (brothel) on the Street of Silk in King’s Landing–dragon alert here! The decor makes you feel like you’re there–everything is bathed in red and very, very decadent. Loved, loved, loved it!

The dungeon downstairs houses the wicked Night King, all 8 feet of him–another perfect photo opp.

I’m telling you, I just about lost my mind here! Can you tell? I can’t wait to go back and bring friends. WINTER is DEFINITELY HERE, Final Throne Chicago, 809 W. Evergreen Ave., 312.535.3355.

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