THE LIST: Chicago Woman Magazine chooses its "Fierce 50"

Chicago Woman Magazine’s founder/publisher Kendra Chaplin is a woman’s woman. I knew that from the moment I met her and, with every issue of this relatively new magazine (the first print edition came out in September 2015), my initial instincts have been confirmed.

With this latest issue, she along with Fierce 50 Revolution founder Catherine Grace O’Connell (read her profile in Nena’s Notes blog here), and editor-in-chief Jennifer Smith Tapp, have combined forces to choose 50 Chicago women who represent their ideals of “changemakers, visionaries and entrepreneurs.”

In the foreward to the article, O’Connell writes, “There is a generation of women who are relishing midlife with a deep desire to share the wisdom from their collective life experiences. They continue to be creators in remarkable careers, or embrace the opportunity to reinvent themselves in their passion. These are the women that The Fierce 50 Revolution and Chicago Woman Magazine recognizes for their example and inspiration-. Whether they are local or international leaders, these women are from all walks of life and are leaving a distinctive mark on the world, while paving new paths for the women that follow behind. They are visionaries, change makers, and entrepreneurs and they have never been more relevant. We asked them what makes them fierce at this time in their lives and acknowledge why women on the main stage are fierce.” (See who made the LIST here).

Congrats to ALL of these dynamic women and thanks for including me (my story here)! It’s a revolution I definitely believe in!

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