Shame on magazines who discount women over 50

Shame on magazines who discount women over 50
Model Carmen Dell'Orefice, age 85 (

I’m so disappointed. I don’t know why any woman’s magazine would overlook women over 50 when it comes to makeup, fashion and style tips. I’m talking to you Chicago Woman Magazine and, sadly too many others, who think life stops at 50 for us. I so wanted to love this magazine.

My friends told me about it but I had never seen a copy until I was in my doctor’s office for my annual check-up and there it was! It even had my cute friend Coco Meers on the cover! I thought, oh boy, this is gonna be good and it was, until I reached page 44.

The feature is titled “Beauty for All Ages” which, according to this magazine, stops at age 50?! I just couldn’t believe it!  I’m as interested in makeup, style and fashion, maybe more so, than any 20 year old I know.

I sent a nice email to Kendra Chaplin, the magazine’s publisher/founder with no response. I’m sure she’s very busy but still. And then, of course, there’s always the excuse of “not enough space” but I’m not buying any of this.

I’m tired of seeing women over 50 overlooked in any area of life. In the old days, a 50 year-old was considered “over the hill” but look around you. Women are just hitting their stride at this age and, in many cases, are even better looking now than they were when they were “younger.” We take better care of ourselves, we’re smarter, we know what we like and dislike, we have great friends, we’re well traveled and we know when we’re not being appreciated.

Shame on any magazine who thinks life ends at 50. I’m living proof this is most certainly NOT the case and I think the world’s most beautiful model, Carmen Dell’Orefice (age 85), along with millions of others, would agree.

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