Chicago Cubs are memory-makers for generations of fans

Chicago Cubs are memory-makers for generations of fans
Mom and Dad, diehard Cubs fans.

I love all the sweet stories I’m hearing about generations of Chicago Cubs fans. I covered an NBC Red Carpet event last night and even hottie Taylor Kinney (Chicago Fire, Gaga-ex) mentioned a friend of his whose dad had passed and who plans to drape a Cubs jersey over his tombstone if (when) they win.

My mom and dad were Cubs fans too even though they lived nearer St. Louis and the dreaded Cardinals. I remember my mom watching the games wearing a Cubs hat with a martini in hand (yes, we were corny).  And I can still picture my dad in the backyard grilling and listening to the games on the radio.

Those days are gone but with the recent Cubs success, all these memories seem like they happened yesterday. I love this team, not just because they’re winners, but because they’re the memory makers for generations of loving fans like me.  Fly the W!

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