Is there a conscious effort to ruin Playboy Magazine?

Is there a conscious effort to ruin Playboy Magazine?
Camille Rowe on the cover of Playboy's second non-nude issue, April 2016

And I thought the first non-nude issue of Playboy Magazine was bad! OMG, I just saw the April 2016 cover and I just can’t believe it. I now think there is a conscious effort afoot to completely ruin the magazine, particularly in the image Hugh Hefner visualized. I can’t imagine how he feels, sitting at home, and fielding what has to be a barrage of complaints and sympathies for what once was.

Admittedly, the magazine has been losing money. But who in the world would think this new path would be a game changer? What in the hell are they smoking over there?

The cover photo is of French-American model (?) Camille Rowe. Her pose makes her look like a drugged out halfwit and someone Roman Polanski would hit on. Who in the world thinks this is sexy? I’ve been reading nothing but negative reviews about the “new direction” for the magazine. And it’s not that I’m against the non-nude policy, hell no, it’s the horrible photos and photography that depresses me. If this is what they think Playboy’s readers want to see, then I’m living in the third dimension.

As most of you know, I’ve had a long history with Playboy (since 1974) as both a centerfold and a Bunny and, believe me, I know the women who graced the pages before all of this. They were gorgeous, diverse and able to interact with the public, unlike the poor girl who appeared on the cover last month.

I’m beyond saddened. Now I’m completely embarrassed and I know poor Hef must be a wreck too as are all the fans and friends who are clutching, ever more tightly, the magazines they’ve saved from the Golden Age.

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