Making memories for the New Year: An aging friend, walks in the park and a Griswold road trip

Making memories for the New Year: An aging friend, walks in the park and a Griswold road trip
The family on a past road trip to South Beach.

On this New Year’s Day, Chuck is in the living room receiving football transfusions while I’m happily typing away in the den, dogs at my feet, dreaming about the future while looking back at the past. There are certain things I most definitely will miss about 2015, but also things I hope to find moving forward.

First of all, I lament the fact that another year has passed. I know it’s a cliche but time really is moving too fast for me. Before I’ve had a minute to relish the present, it seems like that moment disappears.  I’m a savorer and my husband is a flaneur so we both enjoy lingering over things that make us happy. Next year, we will try to linger longer.

We love driving around Chicago, dogs in tow, admiring the glory of this great city. It certainly isn’t perfect, but as the great photographer Victor Skrebneski once said about Paris, “there’s nothing that offends the eye.” Now, now, don’t laugh….I know there’s abject poverty, beggars on almost every corner and, of course, the violence–I’m not turning a blind eye to these horrors, but rather, trying to see a cup that’s half full. I think we all should.

I love living across from Washington Square Park too. Walking the dogs there is heavenly with the turning of

Washington Park (Bughouse Square)

Washington Park (Bughouse Square)

the leaves, the majestic fountain and the remarkable views of the buildings from this perspective.

Our Chihuahua Mickey, 15, is starting to show his age so I treasure each and every minute with him….he’s a flaneur too, just like his dad. While Rooney likes to race through the park barking (screaming) at every little thing, Mickey stops to smell each and every flower. I love this little dog and hope we have a lot more time with him, although his health is deteriorating.

Recently, our vet told us he has an inoperable tumor growing in his little belly. He warned us that, as it grows, he will develop a cough. Yesterday he coughed most of the day. So, our upcoming road trip is more important than words can say. It might be our last with our baby so, if this is the case, I’m gonna make damn sure this family has the trip of a lifetime.

We’re driving to Florida with the “kids”, ala the Griswolds, next week.  We’ve done this a few times in the past, and have had a blast. I love stopping at each and every roadside attraction and “antique” mall and am firmly convinced that treasures are waiting inside just for me.

Mickey Jordan

Mickey Jordan

I think this is the way we should all live our lives, grabbing memories wherever we can find them and trying to see things we’ve never seen before.

When I was small, I used to have a recurring dream. We had concrete stairs leading to the basement and I would dream of falling and landing in a splatter at the end. I dreamed this dream so often that, eventually, I made a mental correction and started landing on my feet.

This is my wish for all of you…..that your New Year is filled with health, happiness, memories around every bend and that you always have soft landings.

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