What makes Thanksgiving so darn special?

What makes Thanksgiving so darn special?

In this world, now filled with so much chaos and danger, the thought of gathering around the table with family and friends seems like a damned good idea. Never before have I so looked forward to this holiday. Chuck and I have lost so many loved ones recently, including his mom and one of our dearest friends and we look forward to remembering them all at the Thanksgiving table. And although there will be a hole in our hearts over their passing, a time of thanks is most definitely in order for the light they shined in the world.

I remember my early Thanksgiving holidays when, as an only child, I was shuttled to two different households to celebrate. No wonder one serving never seems like enough for me now. I loved making cookies and memories with my stepmother as my dad kept poking his fingers in the dough. I loved making sweet potato pie with my “other mother,” Mary Johnson, at her humble, cozy house in East Carondelet, Illinois. And even though she and her husband had little of monetary value, their Thanksgiving table always had an abundance of love and delicious food.  The afternoon also included a visit to Flat Creek Baptist Church to give thanks where Jim Johnson served as a Deacon and Mary as a mother of the church.

In later years, I made my own memories with my husband Chuck. I was never a great cook, but I was an enthusiastic one wearing goofy turkey hats to make loved ones laugh.  I remember one time at Christmas dressing as a present in a giant green and red box that went from the top of my head to my ankles. (What was I thinking?)

Like the rest of the world, I’m in mourning over the current state of affairs and those innocent souls killed in senseless crimes at home and abroad.  I want to give thanks for what we have and what I know we will overcome. I want everyone to sit down at the same table, hold hands and say a prayer of love and peace.

Amen and Happy Thanksgiving.

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