What I have in common with Sleepy of Seven Dwarfs fame

What I have in common with Sleepy of Seven Dwarfs fame
With fellow Playmate Sandy Cagle at a Playboy Playmate Promotion in the '70' s. (Tired!)

Your eyelids are getting heavy……“Write about sleep and the impact it has on your life now or at any point in your life”  Every so often we Chicago Now bloggers receive a topic for a post during “Blogapalooza” hour from beloved Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield to hone our skills and this is the assignment we’ve been given tonight.  It’s not my favorite topic, but I know he’s trying so I will too. 🙂  I can certainly relate to Sleepy of Seven Dwarfs fame as I love a good fairytale and am most certainly sleep deprived–who isn’t?!

Anyway, as we all know, sleep is the essence of life.  If you don’t get enough of it, you fail at almost everything and your health suffers big time too.  Actually, I’ve lived most of my with little or no sleep.  During my Playboy Playmate years, when I was flying across the country and into Canada doing promotions, more often than not, I flew with very little sleep.  I don’t know why…..I know excitement, anxiety, nervousness, worry, happiness…..hell, almost anything can cause me to lose sleep.  But I still functioned and once I saw a crowd, I came to life.  In hindsight, I shake my head in wonder…..but also know it came to a point where I had to stop because of it–so yes, sleep matters.

Lately, when I’ve been called to co-host WCIU’s “You & Me This Morning,” when regular hosts Jeanne Sparrow or Melissa Forman take a much deserved vaca, I find that sometimes I can’t sleep the night before either.  I don’t know how these girls do it since they have to get up around 3 am or so FIVE DAYS A WEEK to begin the 3 hour live show at 6 am (till 9 am).  I think  I stay awake because I’m both nervous and excited……on a few occasions, I’ve done the show with no sleep at all.  But the adrenaline rush gives me the energy I need and away I go…..hopefully, people like my participation and don’t mind the circles under my eyes!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll pay for this lack of sleep down the road, but hopefully, when I’m sleeping in and don’t answer my phone or emails, my friends will forgive me…..at least now they know why.  🙂

I’ve just dozed off writing this….hope you’re still awake….:-)

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