Cindy Crawford: To Photoshop or not?

Cindy Crawford: To Photoshop or not?

As you all know, there’s an image of supermodel Cindy Crawford causing waves in the Twitter-sphere and beyond.  It’s an un-airbrushed photo of this glamorous 48-year old mother of two, stretchmarks and all, posing with her head thrown back in a black lace bra and panties.

The New York Post claims the leaked photo was from a December 2013 cover shoot while other articles state it’s for an upcoming issue of Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America.  In any case, it definitely shows Cindy in a more “natural” state.

A lot of people are thrilled to see this image, decrying the use of Photoshop as something evil that will damage kids’ self images.  I, on the other hand disagree.  If I wanted to see bodies in their natural states, all I have to do is go to a pool or beach or look in the mirror.  Personally, I read magazines to ESCAPE reality, not to see it.   Granted, she looks great no matter what.  She’s a beautiful woman with darling children and a loving husband who could probably care less about all this discussion.  (Although Rande Gerber did tweet out a great pic of his bikini-clad wife shortly after the photo leak–see below).

I’m no stranger to Photoshop.  When I was a Playboy centerfold in the ’70’s, it was de rigueur that the images would be “edited.”  What I do disagree with is the level this has reached.  Nowadays, with Photoshopping and editing tools being so advanced,  even a third arm can look natural.  And may I also add that the photographer who took this photo isn’t doing her any favors either with this horrible lighting.  I don’t know of anyone who could look good under harsh lights like these.

Anyway, I do feel a little airbrushing is good for the soul.  It makes me happy to see beautiful photos of beautiful people.  Reality can be found on television and in newspapers but, please spare my avenues of escape–those glossy fashion mags where you can find a perfect world, albeit a fantasyland, but that’s what I’m looking for when I buy Vogue, Bazaar, Marie Claire, et al.

For the record, Cindy is also the spokesmodel for the infomercial “Meaningful Beauty” where she raves about Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh and his skincare regimen.  For only $39.95, you can buy “Cindy’s secret for ageless, beautiful skin.”  Come on.  If you think something out of a tube or jar is going to make you look like Cindy, then I have an island I’d like you to take a look at.  (And I don’t see any discussions on Twitter about this).

I don’t know of any publications that don’t use Photoshop to some degree.  As far as this being bad for kids’ self images,  I think they should also learn to separate fantasy from reality–in photos, infomercials AND “reality” TV.


Cindy's husband, Rande Gerber, tweeted this Valentine's Day pic.

Cindy’s husband, Rande Gerber, tweeted this Valentine’s Day pic.

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