Mick Jagger's Longtime girlfriend, L'Wren Scott, Dead of Apparent Suicide at 47

Mick Jagger's Longtime girlfriend, L'Wren Scott, Dead of Apparent Suicide at 47

I couldn’t believe it when I read the news. I followed the statuesque fashion designer on Twitter and always admired her designs. I also loved seeing the happy photos of her and Mick from all over the world. She seemed to have it all. And now I’m reading reports such as the one from MailOnline saying that she was more than $6 million in debt and refused any help from Jagger and that this might have been a reason for her apparent (but not yet confirmed) suicide. She was found dead in her Chelsea apartment. Reports say she was found hanging by her scarf from a doorknob. Not sure how you can hang yourself from a doorknob but just too sad for words. The famous pair had dated for more than 13 years, longer than Jagger’s marriage to Bianca and Jerry Hall.

Bianca’s tweet: Heartbroken to learn of the loss of the lovely and talented L’Wren Scott. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. May she rest in peace.

I’ve been reading a lot of interesting comments at the NYDailyNews online and they range from being downright nasty, to being ridiculous to thoughtful. Here’s a sampling:

1) Very sad news for everyone but why didn’t he bail her out? They were with each other for 13 years and he made 20 million just in one gig last year.

2) WOW! Sent a request to her assistant to come to her residence and find her dead body. Definitely tops the worst boss list. No sympathy here.

3) Right! I thought the same thing. The poor assistant should sue her estate for trauma. I imagine she would have a hard time working ever again.

4) It said she called her assistant to come over 90 minutes earlier. Maybe if the assistant had shown up earlier, she would not be dead. Usually, when someone contemplating suicide contacts others, they are calling out for help.

5) I thought the same thing. Why her assistant took so long is beyond me. I work as a personal assistant & when I am called like that, I get over there ASAP. Usually it’s nothing pressing, but you don’t keep your boss waiting when they call & say, ‘come over here please’.

6) People who commit suicide are steeped in hopelessness. I’m surprised no one in her close circle had any clues.

7) That may have not been of her own doing, she could have been forced into it. Suspend your judgments for what you don’t really know.

Whatever the reason, if suicide turns out to be the cause of death, no one will ever know why. I had a great friend who was the life of every party, loved to dance and was one of the smartest, most organized women I know. She too, hanged herself for reasons unknown. These two women both seemed to have it all, but in reality must’ve felt very hopeless. Reach out to your friends, sometimes there are no signs. Better to be safe than sorry.

RIP L’Wren…..

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