Why the Bulls Lost

Why the Bulls Lost

Granted, I’m no expert nor am I a regular sports fan but I do remember the halcyon days of Michael Jordan.  Those were the days when I would throw all work/responsibilities aside to give my whole-hearted attention to the game.

Lately, I’ve been following this series the best I can.  I love Joakim Noah and really admire his charity work, too, and also the fact that he seems to be the heart of the team.  But, tonight as I watched us lose to the Heat, one thought came to mind.  We don’t have a “buzzer beater.”  When you just have to have a basket, who do you turn to?  I think this is the problem. 

In the olden days when Jordan/Pippen/Kukoc were our heroes, the game always got better as the score got closer.  Nowadays, sadly, when the chips are down, they usually stay down.

Congratulations to Coach Tom, and until next year, here’s wishing D-Rose a complete recovery!

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