Rachel Pomplun: Playboy picks its first Mexican-American Playmate of the Year (VIDEO!)

Congrats to Rachel Pomplun for winning the Playboy Playmate of the Year title as the first Mexican American centerfold!  Fellow Playmate Dianne Chandler, attended this year’s PMOY party at the Mansion in LA on May 16 and shared the story with me.

For many of the guests, the day began with a trolley ride from UCLA’s  parking lot.  This is usually the case with Hef’s parties since those fine folks in Holmby Hills frown on having cars parked on their multi-million dollar manicured lawns.  The luncheon was held under a lavishly decorated tent in shades of Playmate pink and white.  Chandeliers were twinkling and the day was a typical gorgeous, sunny California dream.

Cooper Hefner spoke first and introduced his dad who was dapper in a white suit and seated with his lovely new wife Crystal Harris (Hef just purchased a $4 million home on the Sunset Strip for her according to recent reports).   Hef  introduced Raquel noting that she was chosen by the magazine’s readers, editors, photographers and the PR department of Playboy.  He presented her with a check for $100K and a one year lease on a red Jaguar F-Style convertible.  (It’s good to be PMOY these days!  The check amount has increased 10-fold since the days when I was a PM in the ’70’s).  Raquel, a 25 year-old biochemistry major and a classically trained ballerina, had a 103 degree temperature when she shot her pics.  If this layout was Raquel on a “bad day”, I can’t imagine what her photos would’ve looked like had she been feeling well!

Married at age 22 to Alejandro Pomplun, she submitted her photo’s on Playboy’s website with her husband’s blessing.  She said posing naked  “made me more confident and less obsessive about little things.  I learned to appreciate my body a little bit more. Not a little bit more. I appreciate it, period.”

There were Playmates in attendance from all generations and Dianne was thrilled that Hef remembered her from her 1966 centerfold days.  They were both alums from the University of Illinois.   A hometown girl from Berwyn, Illinois who now lives in Atlanta, she was September 1966 Playmate.  Her gatefold was shot by the legendary lensman Pompeo Posar (who also shot Patti McGuire’s beautiful layouts.)

Congrats to Raquel and I’m not surprised about Hef’s memory.  He might be growing older but he always remembers the ladies who brought him to the party!

The wonderful video below was created by fellow Playmate Miss May 2010, Kassie Logsdon, who captured the afternoon perfectly!

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