Why doesn't Chicago have a "Real Housewives" show? Here's why.

Why doesn't Chicago have a "Real Housewives" show?  Here's why.
With Shelley MacArthur Farley, Shauna Montgomery and Whitney Lasky during our Housewives audition.

I remember the day very well, it was a sunny Thursday, June 18, 2009.  Rumors had spread like wildfire all through Chicago.   Bravo was looking for a group of local women to represent our city for an edition of “Real Housewives“.   Girlfriends were bringing their posses together for auditions with Towers Productions, the production company chosen to conduct the search.

Unbeknownst to me, friends had sent emails to Becky Cattie of Towers Productions suggesting she bring me in for an interview.  Before the audition, I got together with a group of friends (Shelley MacArthur Farley, Shauna Montgomery and Whitney Lasky) and we filled out an extensive 8-page questionnaire that consisted of questions such as:  what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done;  have you ever had a restraining order against you;  have you ever filed for bankruptcy, etc.  Of course we all answered no but, in hindsight and after seeing all of the other cities’ Housewives shows, I really think Bravo was hoping these answers would be YES!

The first “Real Housewives” show started in Orange County in March 2006.  From there, other series included  “The Real Housewives” of Beverly Hills, New York City, Atlanta, Miami and New Jersey.   I’ve watched them all and you know what I’ve realized?  These women are all nuts and will do anything to be on TV.  And THIS is the reason why Chicago:  the “City of Big Shoulders”; “The City That Works”; “Paris on the Prairie”;  “Heart of America” and our “Toddlin Town” doesn’t have a “Real Housewives of Chicago”.   We are just too sensible here in the Midwest.  We work hard, we have great Midwestern values, we’re not extremists and, most of all, we just wouldn’t act crazy like these women do who are on these shows now.  Period.

I wish all of the women well who are “Housewives” but am so grateful Chicago was passed over.  The women I know around town aren’t upending tables or scratching each other’s eyes out so just move along, there’s nothing tawdry to see here……..



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