TCW Magazine Reveals 70 Chicago Personal Brands--Find Out Who Made the Cut!

TCW Magazine Reveals 70 Chicago Personal Brands--Find Out Who Made the Cut!

TCW Magazine has THE list!  In this month’s issue, they name 70 Chicago Personal Brands.  Here’s what they had to say:  “They’re known by name.  Many of them are known simply by first or last name.  These women and men are true personal brands:  individuals who are recognized and have built their brand far beyond a single product or deed.  Rather, they’re known for what they represent and are endemic to Chicago parlance.

In compiling this list, we eliminated two professions from the mix.  Politicians for obvious reasons, and athletes, save for one notable exception, Michael Jordan, who has extended his brand far beyond his basketball legacy.  Also not eligible:  Those whose businesses are linger longer based in Chicago.  Sorry, Oprah.

A note: if you read through this list and are unable to place more than a few of these familiar monikers, it might be time to brush up on your reading. ”

I am proud to be included!  I never thought I would EVER be on the same list as Michael Jordan!

THANKS TCW MAGAZINE and publisher/founder Sherren Leigh!   You really are Chicago’s magazine….:-)  See the list (in no particular order) below:

The Abt Family, Abra Prentice Wilkin,  Alpana Singh, Amanda Puck, Art Smith, Bernarda Wong, Bill Kurtis, Bill Zwecker, Billy Dec, Bob Mariano, Candace Jordan, Carol Marin, Charles Ifergan, Charlie Trotter, Christie Hefner, Corri McFadden, Dawn Turner Trice, Desiree Rogers, Diane Swonk, Graham Elliot,  The McCaskey Family, The Melman Family, The Smithe Family, Grant Achatz, Grant DePorter, Hedy Ratner, Ikram Goldman,  Ina Pinkney, Jerry Reinsdorf, Jim Karas,  Jimmy Bannos, John Kass,  John Rogers, Laura Washington,  Linda Johnson Rice,  Lindsay Avner,  Lovie Smith,  Lucien LaGrange,  Manny Sanchez,  Margie Korshak,  Mario Tricoci, The Ponce Family, The Lurie Family, Mary Mitchell,  Mellody Hobson,  Michael Jordan,  The Pritzker Family, The Ricketts Family, The Sage Family, Michael Sneed,  Rebecca Michuda,  Richard Driehaus,  Richard Roeper,  Rick Bayless,  The Bluhm Family, The Crown Family, The Duchossois Family, Rocky Wirtz,  Roe Conn,  Roger Ebert,  Sam Zell,  Seattle Sutton, Sister Rosemary Connelly, Stella Foster,  Stephanie Izard, Terry Savage, Tiffani Kim, Tom Kehoe,  Tom Skilling,  Tony Mantuano and Victor Skrebneski. 

Congrats to all!



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  • This is awesome. Congrats to you.

    I must say since I am only a resident for a little over a year, I do not know more than half the people on this list.

  • Hi David! Well, first of all, welcome to town!! And secondly, thank for this nice comment! I was thrilled to be included with Michael Jordan...and, not to worry, there are at least 3 on this list who I've never heard of either but still thrilling for me! Hope your summer is off to a great start! And thanks again for commenting!

  • Congrats to you, Candace--you deserve it!

  • Congrats!! So excited to see you on this list-well done! :)

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