Ladies in Red at the Ritz for Bunky's Valentine's Tea

It is a very coveted invite.  Some women wait for years just to be included….And yes, the ladies ALWAYS wear red.  This, of course, is Bunky Cushing’s yearly (usually, unless he’s redoing his kitchen or something) soiree/get-together/lovefest of some of our town’s most fashionable and philanthropic women.  It’s a celebration for Valentine’s Day that brought out 85 ladies this year for Bunky’s 15th anniversary of the Tea.

And even though this particular event was just for fun,  Cushing is  a well known and longtime fundraiser for so many important charities around town.  He founded the “Handbags & Halos” annual luncheon (which to date has raised more than $1 million) in 2002 benefiting the Howard Brown Health Center and also supports The Chicago History Museum as well as The Friends of Versailles.  His Author’s Breakfast in May (“Early Birds & Bookworms”) benefits the Jane Addams Senior Caucus.  This year will be his 4th annual breakfast to support their work with low-income senior citizens, helping them to find affordable housing and healthcare.

I will let these beautiful photos by Caitlin Saville Collins speak for themselves……

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