Cake Boy Eric Lanlard is one Sweet Chef!

I’d never been to a “Disco Dessert Tea Dance” but who could ignore an invitation from hosts Jesus Salguiero, Chef Art Smith, Naushab Ahmed and Stephen Hamilton?  The party, at the Stephen Hamilton Studio on West Fulton,  introduced Brit Chef Eric Lanlard and his latest book, “Cake Boy, to Chicago with a sweets spread the likes of which I will probably never see again!

It was a pure Willy Wonka moment as darling Table 52’s Pastry Chef Celeste Campise and her amazing assistant, Geovanna Salas, introduced one delectable treat after another to the crowd, many dressed in ’70’s inspired attire.   There were lots of desserts sprinkled in gold leaf that glowed atop the table of endless treats.  It was almost, I said almost, too pretty to eat!  DJ White Shadow, who helped produced Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way”,  was the high-powered spin master for this event!

Chef Eric told me he’s been baking since he was three years old!  His nickname was Cake Boy, hence the title of his latest book as well his London cake emporium where he serves an A-list clientele.  He stars in two British TV series where he takes the viewer on a journey to his favorite cafes and patisseries in London and Paris.   His last book, Master Cakes“, was required reading for the culinary crowd.   I am exhausted just writing about him!

We need a CAKE BOY SHOW here!  I think he would be a refreshing change from the reality TV we have now.

My vote is for this “Sweet” Chef and I think he is definitely Someone You Should Know!

(BTW, Chef Art Smith couldn’t attend the party.  A little birdie told me he is filming a Thanksgiving special with LADY GAGA! OMG! Shut UP!)

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