Meet the Ladies! TCW Magazine's "100 Women Making a Difference" Party

TCW Magazine‘s latest issue features “100 Women Making a Difference.”   This idea was begun in 1988 and ran annually for 14 years.  The criteria used in the selection process was that the women were making an impact on their profession, the community or in the volunteer sector.  Publisher Sherren Leigh said, “Narrowing the selection to 100 back then was just as difficult as it is now.  It’s not an exact science and we’re aware that there are many, many women who are dramatically impacting the lives of others that we’ve omitted.   However, we decided to resume the 100 Women feature because its popular, it showcases the achievements of Chicago area women and it sets TCW apart from other media. ”

I’ll say!!  Congrats and thanks to TCW for not only being such visual eye candy every month but for being such a Chicago-centric magazine, too!!!   (Pics by Steve Starr)


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