The 24th Annual Rita Hayworth Gala Benefits Alzheimer's Association

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800 guests attended the gorgeous Rita Hayworth Gala benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association on Saturday, May 4th.  The dramatic Hilton Chicago ballroom, with decor by Tom Kehoe, has never looked better for this 24th annual event.



Princess Yasmin Aga Khan was bedecked in a brilliant green gown to match the emeralds that were a gift from her father, the Aga Khan.  To date, these galas have raised 60 million dollars with every dollar going to research and caregiver support. 

June Barnard was Ball Chairman and her foundation matched every gift for the evening.  Bob Sirott, star FOX anchor, and his wife, Marianne, were the emcees and there were lots of salutes and accolades given to The Alzheimer’s Association founder, Jerry Stone. Sandy Zane and Ned Bennett received the Alzheimer’s Assn.’s Civic Awards for this year.  The glam gala committee included long-time supporter Sugar Rautbord, Brooke and Duncan MacLean, Sharon and Scott Markman, Blythe, David, Linda and Robert Mendelson, Alice and John Sabl, and Sheila McClendon among others.  Lynne Jordan and the Shivers kept the crowd on their feet.

This event, which raised over $930,000 this year,  was founded by Princess Yasmin Aga Kahn in honor of her mother, Rita Hayworth, who died as a result of this disease with the first gala being held in NY in 1984.  Held annually on Mother’s Day weekend, this gala celebrates and honors medical research in the treatment, prevention and cure of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as care and support programs for those affected today.  (

(Fab fotos by Steve Starr.) 

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