Breaking Glamorama Launch Party News: BLAH BLAH BLAH will Perform & Debut Their Music Video!



This year’s 2nd Glamorama Launch Party will be rocking BIG time!  The hot Chicago band Blah Blah Blah will perform!  AND they will be debuting their brand new, hot off the press music video featuring the title song from their upcoming EP, “Why Am I The Only One Laughing?”  (The EP title is “Thank You Thank You”.) The Chicago Tribune included them in their feature “Local Bands on Verge of Breaking into the Big Time” and I couldn’t agree more.  After meeting them during the filming of their sizzling music video, I loved them instantly and know they will be a household name very soon!   BUY your tickets NOW!  Limited space!  Tickets begin at $125.  Call 630.623.2309 or visit the website at .

When you least expect it something exciting knocks on your door of opportunity!  I have never appeared in a music video and when the gorgeous Executive Producer and DirectorKasia Koniar, asked me if I would be interested, I jumped at the chance.  This charming group of men, led by lead singer Solomon David Moss along with Phill Ferguson (keys and guitar), Byron Harden (bass) and Dario Arcos (drums) brings a whole new sound to the music table.  It’s been described as a combination of indie, new wave and rock…all I know is that I love it and I think it’s appeal stretches across all ages and demographics. 

Filming the video was so exciting!  There were beautiful models everywhere you looked from Factor and Chosen agencies including my scene partner, handsome Chosen model Michael Zdanowski.  Uber stylists, including winner of “Style Wars” Christina Demos, and Melissa Beyl,  had such a remarkable collection of jewlelry and wardrobe that some of the models were buying things right out from under their noses.

Filming was done at the chic Blackstone Hotel.  My scene occurred in the Heaven Suite which had breathtaking views of Chicago out of its porthole type windows.  Michael and I were both in black tie attire and the idea was that the lead singer, Solomon, was peeking into various vignettes.  We were in an elegant powder room and Michael was taking off my necklace when….Now you didn’t think I was going to spoil the surprise, did you?  You’ll have to come to the Launch Party and see for yourself!

Other fun scenes included a pillow fight with more glam models clad in lacy underwear, an argument between two other beautiful models, a bedroom scene with Solomon and a sexy model with a black lace patch over one eye and on and on and on.  I would’ve stayed there all night watching if I could,  but time is a tyrant and other events beckoned on this night.  

I am so thrilled you will have a chance to see it for the FIRST time ever at the GLAMORAMA LAUNCH PARTY on Thursday, June 16th.  The event begins at 7 PM at Room 1520, 1520 W. Fulton.  Be there and experience the excitement of this hot, new group and the debut of their first music video. 

AND, if you go to their website NOW, you can download their new single for FREE!!!!!(  (For Launch Party tickets, please call 630.623.2309).  Stay tuned for the main event, Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama, on Friday, August 12th, at the Chicago Theatre.  The “Artrageous” theme continues at the After-Party at Macy’s!

(Additional photos courtesy of Christina Demos). 

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