"Top 10 Cheeky Chicks of the Year" Party Rocks Sunda (PICS)

best group cheeky 1-20-11 Candace J 177 fb.jpg

“Top 10 Cheeky Chicks of the Year” honorees with event founders Jessica Zweig and Erica Levin.

Sunda was packed for the “Top 10 Cheeky Chicks of the Year” party this week.  CheekyChicago.com founders Jessica Zweig and Erica Bethe Levin chose 10 women in 10 categories to receive the honors and they included Carrie Nahabedian (Cheeky Chef from Naha), Samantha Saifer (Cheeky Media Girl from CS Mag), Katrina Markoff (Cheeky Entrepeneur from Vosges Haut-Chocolate), Lynn House (Cheeky Mixologist from Blackbird), Catie Keogh (Cheeky Mom from 24/7), Lois Miller (Cheeky Fitness Guru), Agnes Miles (Cheeky Artist from “Love, LuLu Mae”), Alexis Cozzini (Cheeky Fashionista from Sarca), Nicole Tempesta (Cheeky Nightlife Gal from SKYY Spirits) and ME!  (Cheeky Philanthropist).

These women are described as “sassy,  fierce, bold, classy, and (of course) oh-so-cheeky”!  Guests enjoyed specialty Absolute Wild Tea Cocktails, massages, Seven Daughters’ wine and fabulous Sunda hors d’oeuvres while bustin’ a few moves with a hot Chicago DJ. 

Jessica and Erica called the girls up to the front for their honors which included fully locked and loaded gift bags!  It was fun, fun, fun from beginning to end…..

I’m feelin’ pretty cheeky right about now thanks to Jessica and Erica!!  YOU are my favorite Cheeky Chicks!  (www.CheekyChicago.com)  (Pics by Caitlin Saville, Mila Samokhina, Steve Starr and Brenda Arelano).

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