Golden Globes Fashion: My NBC Video Plus the Gag Me Award and the Stop It! Award Goes to.......

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“Glee” star Amber Riley sparkled on the Red Carpet in her Oliver Tolentino gown.

We know everyone and their grandmother has an opinion on the Golden Globes fashions but I have some personal awards I’d like to bestow of my own.  First up, is the Gag Me Award which goes to Angelina Jolie.  The candid camera shot of her posing on Brad’s shoulder with her hair perfectly splayed out made me gag.  If this wasn’t completely calculated on her part to show the world how happy she and Brad are then you can pinch me.  Come on Angie…we ALL know you’re a couple.  You can let it go…..what happened to the actress I fell in love with who starred in “Gia“?  I miss the old, unaffected Angelina. 


My second award, the Stop It! Award, goes to both Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr.  Really?!  Chewing GUM at an awards show?!  Weren’t your wives paying ANY attention to you?  Robert Downey Jr. also won my “Couldn’t You Try Harder Award” by wearing a simple suit to the GOLDEN GLOBES!  I know dressing down is considered cool in some circles but I think a LITTLE effort would’ve worked wonders.  Oh well…..sigh….I still love him. And he was the cutest onstage….

And my “Hot Guy of the Night Award” goes to Christian Bale.  I know the long hair and beard were for a role, but OMG, KEEP IT!!   You looked soooo cool especially in that black tux, black shirt and black tie by Dolce & Gabbana!

I didn’t see much coverage of Amber Riley’s gown.  She is the plus-size actress who plays Mercedes on “Glee”.  Her Oliver Tolentino beaded gown fit and suited her perfectly!  And I loved the fact that she made her own earrings.  You go girl!

I am also sick of the criticism of Helena Bonham Carter’s quirky Vivienne Westwood outfit.  Would you have expected to see her in a minimalist Calvin Klein?!  I don’t think so!  This is totally who she is and she’s not afraid to show it!  I even loved the cute mismatched shoes….

My candidate for “Worst Hairstyle of the Night” goes to Natalie Portman.  I know, I know…we ALL love her but it looked like her grandmother styled her 70’s inspired French twist!  I wasn’t fond of her Viktor & Rolf dress either for that matter….who was the person who decided at the last minute to slap that red, appliqued rose on what could’ve been an elegant gown?  I guess we’ll never know….he’s probably in hiding somewhere….

And now my likes and dislikes on the Red Carpet:

Olivia Wild–my fav, rocked that Marchesa big-time. Halle Berry, need I say more? Piper Pirabo–simple and elegant in her black Oscar gown. Sophia Vergara–my choice for “Bombshell of the Night” in a red Vera Wang with a fishtail and corset.  Eva Longoria–stunning in a black Zac Posen and those Neil Lane diamond pins on her hips made the whole outfit.  Megan Fox–Gorgeous in a blush-colored Armani Prive and just gorgeous in general.  January Jones–loved her makeup and hair and would’ve loved her red Versace more if the cut-outs were placed differently.  Catherine-Zeta Jones–exquisite in her emerald green Monique L’hullier ballgown.  Helena Bonham Carter–love her quirkiness. 

My dislikes included:

Christina Aguilera–looks like she stole the black lace over nude Zuhair Murad gown from wardrobe on her film “Burlesque.”  Sarah Hyland–looked like she was wearing her mom’s clothes and jewelry.  Nicole Kidman–ill-fitting, wrong color….wrong, wrong, wrong.  Julianne Moore–now I’m a huge Lanvin fan but how did this dress slip through the cracks?  One arm covered, one not and a hump on her shoulder?!  So sad.  Heidi Klum–was she getting on a plane for South Beach right after the awards show?  Because this is the only excuse for that Marc Jacobs mess she was wearing.  Scarlett Johansson–OR the Bride of Frankenstein!?  You tell me.  Yank that hairstylist’s license and do it quickly before he/she strikes again!  Sandra Bullock–first of all, was she wearing a wig?  And secondly, the vintage inspired Jenny Packham nude gown looked like she was wearing a disguise….well, maybe she should’ve been.  

Well, this is one reporter’s opinion…..gotta love awards shows….especially where they drink!  And now, here’s a shortened version of my appearance on NBC yesterday discussing Golden Globes fashion with entertainment reporter LeeAnn Trotter and designer Borris Powell

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