Four Chicago Women "Captured"

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“Project Inspired”, photographed by Christopher Free, will feature 4 Chicago women in this unique on-line magazine venture.

“Project Captured is a Chicago-based online magazine that was started by the young, aspiring fashion photographer, Christopher Free. It was upon his return to Chicago from shooting the runways of New York Fashion Week last year that Chris was motivated and inspired to pursue his new found dream of becoming a fashion photographer, and with that the idea for Project Captured was born. A direct result of some of Chris’s passions, Project Captured focuses on exclusive event, fashion, and music coverage. Initially, Chris also wanted the site to be a medium through which he could share with others his own personal journey as he pursued and accomplished his dreams, but Project Captured has become much more. The site aims to capture the stories and success of other individuals as well–from the staff of writers to prominent Chicagoans to other persons of influence globally–in hopes that these stories will in some way inspire readers to follow their dreams. That is what Project Captured is all about–to capture and inspire.

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Photographer/creator of “Project Inspired”, Christopher Free, and stylist/assistant Ingrid Feder.

With that in mind, the idea for a new series on the site, entitled Project Inspire, came about. This section will feature, on a monthly basis, a person or group of people from various walks of life, “individuals who have attained success by pursuing their dreams and who are of inspirational character.” Each feature will also be complimented by an editorial photo spread shot by Christopher who had this to say about his upcoming venture,  “The first Project Inspire installment will be “Project Socialite,” which will featuring four admirable women, including Candace Jordan, Lynn McMahan, Kristina McGrath, and Trevian Kutti.  These four women are not only influential among the Chicago social scene and leaders in their communities, but they are ideal examples of strong women with strong characters that have worked hard for all that they have accomplished. At the same time, they have remained humble, with big hearts and lively personalities. Project Captured hopes that by sharing the specific stories of individuals such as these, others will be motivated and inspired to go out and pursue their own dreams.”

I am so honored to be included in Chris’ first online adventure!  I hope you will all check it out when it’s published on February 1st at



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