Brian Atwood, Hunky Designer of the Year Coming to Chicago!


The one and only Brian Atwood!

Yeah, you heard me…that shoe designing god, Brian Atwood, will be coming to Chicago for a visit!!!  He will be appearing at Intermix, 40 E. Delaware, on Thursday, February 3rd, from 6- 8 PM.  There will be cocktails and music, but who needs anything other than BKA??!!!


Brian, a former model and graduate of FIT,  began designing his uber-famous shoes in 2001.  He went on to win Designer of the Year, was Creative Director for Bally and has every actress and model on the planet wearing his famous sky-high, come F-me heels!  He is a favorite of celebs such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Zoe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Donatella Versace and Lindsay Lohan to name a very few.  Atwood began his career at Versace where he designed ready-to-wear and accessories for years.  Gianni affectionately called him “Brian-ino”.   And on top of all of this, he is genuinely one of the nicest guys I know….now look at this sweet video of him receiving the “Designer of the Year” award from his biggest fan (besides me!)  his mom, Yolanda “Dusty” Stemer, who had this to say about her darling son, “Brian Atwood is a great brother/protector to all his siblings….and the kindest most generous person on earth. My favorite BKA moment was when I recognized the determiniation of a young man going to a country (Italy) where he did not speak the language, knew no one, had virtually no money, no job, no place to live and decided he would break into the fashion design business!  It would be like being a walk-on for the ’85 Bears!” , To RSVP, call (312) 640-2922.  A percentage of the evening’s proceeds will benefit the Service Club of Chicago.

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