Ever Wonder What Happened to the "Chicago Housewives" Idea?

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“Plastic Royalty’s Leslie Forrester and her dad, Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian.

June 18th, 2009….ahhhh I remember it well!  It was the afternoon of our interview with Becky Cattie, Casting Director for Towers Productions, for a possible pilot of a version of  “Real Housewives of Chicago.”  We interviewed at my friendgg, Shauna Montgomery’s, posh apartment on Lake Shore Drive along with Whitney Lasky and Shelley Farley.  All over town, other ladies were also going to be interviewed by Becky who had been brought in from LA to help with the company’s new programming push, after casting such hits as ABC’s “Extreme Makeover”, “America’s Got Talent” and the “Simple Life.”  She has a keen eye for talent, although in our case, apparently she needed glasses!  Our group didn’t make the cut, but then neither did Leslie Forrester’s…. 


Leslie is a registered nurse at her father’s, Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian, booming family business, The Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Institute in the Gold Coast.  According to Cattie, “I interviewed Leslie and her friends but there was not a unique enough ‘hook’ for a new angle on Housewives, but Leslie had an interesting job and I loved that it was a family business she ran with her dad.”

So, premiering on Sunday, September 5th, Leslie, her dad and colorful office staff will star in “Plastic Royalty“, a behind the scenes, all-access look at the “fabulous, outrageous, and often hilarious lives of Chicago’s self-proclaimed “King of Liposuction” and his number one employee, his princess of a daughter.” 

The half hour reality show will give viewers a front row seat as this father-daughter duo transform the lives of their patients by day and rub shoulders with Chicago’s upper crust by night.  “Plastic Royalty” will also profile both medical cases and the staff’s personal lives.  (I already love the “Freakin Puerto Rican” as one staff member is affectionately called around the office!)   The fact that the father and daughter truly love each other onscreen and off also makes this show appealing.  Their relationsip is professional but also very touching.  Cattie adds, “Leslie is an impressive business woman but doesn’t take herself too seriously.  She maintains a very relatable quality while being immersed in the glamorous world of the Gold Coast.”

I will be wistfully watching…(Click here for a sneak peek! http://www.towerspost.com/screeningroom/plastictrailer.html),


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The colorful staff at The Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

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Ah yes, I remember the day well….our audition!


With Towers Production’s Casting Director, Becky Cattie (right).


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