Insider's Guide to Watching a Cubs Game from a Rooftop!

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Fun on the rooftops!

There are advantages and disadvantages of viewing a Cubs game from a rooftop venue.  First of all, you are not jammed into seats and you have more freedom of movement which is great when your butt gets tired.  The views are also stupendous–not only of  Wrigley Field but also the views of the city.  The seats are much more comfortable, at least on the  rooftops we’ve been on.  You can also see all of the street action which is fun!  The floors of the buildings are loaded with TV screens which are on 10 second delays so if you miss a play on the field or want to see it twice, check out the TV.  And I know it’s fun to have the peanut vendor toss your nuts to you in your seat but there is nothing that beats the grill action serving up polish sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, Italian sausage, brats, veggie burgers and chicken sandwiches.  There are at least 12 different kinds of beer plus wine .   In some cases, there is fresh fruit salad, macaroni salads, veggie trays, fruit trays and cheese trays–a veritable smorgasbord!  And usually, you are with a lot of friends so socializing is a snap.  You can be upstairs on the rooftop, on a lower floor with a roof over your head or you can even go to the bar and ignore the game (not recommended).    Most of the buildings offer elevator service so if you’re not good with the stairs then you can still make it to the top.  Although keep in mind that “rooftop” means 4 flights of stairs as a rule.   It’s a great Chicago tradition and one you shouldn’t miss!  Prices average around $100 per person and include all food and drinks. Also, whether you’re watching from the stands or rooftops, don’t miss a rickshaw ride after the game!!  Too much fun!!!  (One of our favorite rooftops is Brixen Ivy at at 1044 W. Waveland Ave. )  Check out these pics and see if it’s for you!  GO CUBBIES!

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