The Center on Halsted's Oscar Party


Oscar Princess and Fireman Ball at The Fairmont  03-07-10  Photos by Steve Starr 110.JPG

Having fun at the Center on Halsted party! (Photo by Steve Starr)

The Center on Halsted’s annual Oscar Party was held at the Fairmont for the first time this year.   Over 300 people packed the International Ballroom for food, fashion and fun and to applaud and cheer on their favorite Oscar nominees.  Event co-chairs were Judi Gorman, Wayne Harth and Greg Hyder.  As the glam partygoers entered the Ballroom, they were greeted by the “Living Red Carpet Ladies” who were dressed in red feathered headdresses and matching red ballgowns that were actually attached to each end of the carpet.  The Ballroom, with its luscious red carpeting and gold and crystal chandeliers, was the perfect setting for the 2010 Oscar Ball. 


The event itself was televised on huge screens on either side of the stage which was flanked with oversized Oscar statues.  There were also multiple screens throughout the room.  Popular MC Miss Foozie entertained the film lovers for the evening.  The raffle tickets were sold by adorable and handsome local firemen including Sam Holloway and the prizes included jewelry from David Yurman as well as tickets to the musical Billy Elliot which was presented by 5 colorful members of the cast. 


Guests included Craig Hogan, Amy Wimer, Deborah Dickinson, Jon Tri Algas, Kristen Kara, David Hackett, Jim Smith, Jean and Andy Antoniou, Elizabeth Weldon, James Karagianes, Paul Ropski, Franco LaMarca, Bonnie Schultz, John Regas, Sheryl Dyer, John Walcher, Brooke Skinner, David Brandt, Heinz Kern, Mary Ann Rose, Tiffani Kim and Brad Griffith among others.   Over $50,000 was raised for the Center on Halsted’s outreach efforts on behalf of the gay and lesbian communities. (Photos by Steve Starr)




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