The Baton Show Lounge, A North Side Institution, Celebrates 41st Anniversary

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The legendary Chilli Pepper performs in the Baton Show Lounge’s 41st Anniversary Party.

The Baton Show Lounge at 436 N. Clark celebrated their 41st anniversary last night and presented a show that had the packed house on their feet for every number!  Standouts were Sasha Colby and Chilli Pepper although every “girl” gave it their all.  Mimi Marks, the eternal glamour girl, brought the house down with her provocative outfit that only she could wear.  She proved, yet again, that the title of “World’s Most Beautiful Transsexual” that she won in 2004 will be hers forever.  


The room was decorated from top to bottom by long time Baton employee, Tim Gideon, who also helped with the new photos of the showgirls in the lobby.  The appreciative crowd stood in line to tip the girls for every performance to show their support.  Some of the “ladies” like Maya Douglas and Sheri Payne design and produce every aspect of their elaborate wardrobes including their jewelry.  


Ginger Grant, longtime emcee and performer, introduced owner Jim Flint who gave a wonderful speech and admitted that he couldn’t believe it himself how long the Baton has been around.  All of his friends were in the crowd including Cubs AND White Sox friends–it takes a rare man who has both!  (Although I did note on this evening that his Cubs friends had better seats!)  Jim also said that “compared to the old days when you took your life in your hands coming to this neighborhood, that now it’s the hottest area on the North side with all of the new clubs on Hubbard Street.” 


This is one of the first places I brought Chuck before we were married.   I’ve been coming here for over 30 years and everyone here is like family to me….but then I noticed they have a lot of family members.  Everyone who walks in the door is treated like one….that’s part of the charm and allure of the Baton Show Lounge!  Long may they reign!


(Check out these amazing pics by Tyler Curtis of Dark Room Demons, .  My little camera died on this night so the terrible photos are mine, just so you know….)


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  • Boom - that Baton show, love it

    Hey . . . I just realized . . . are you the girl who might be on the Real Housewives of Chicago?! I recognize the pic now. Hm. I hope you can delete this comment if that was some kind of secret (although if I know about it, how can it be?!!)

    WOOT WOOT!! I'd tune in for sure!

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