Neimans Makes Akris Modern Wing's First Fashion Show


The Modern Wing’s Griffin Court was the venue for the U.S. premiere of Akris’ Fall 2010 runway collection.

The U.S. premiere of the Akris fall 2010 runway collection was shown last night at the Modern Wing.  It was presented by Neiman Marcus and W Magazine. This was the first fashion show to ever be held in Griffin Court and it was such an exciting show.  As it turns out, the long corridor of Griffin Court seemed to have been designed with just such an event in mind.  The setting was perfect and even Akris designer, Albert Kriemler, said if he hadn’t been a designer, he would’ve loved to have been an architect.


The show was introduced by Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue GM Wendy Krimins and Kristie Lytwynec, NM GM Northbrook and it did not disappoint! The collection was stunning and had something modern and chic for everyone from 20-70 and beyond.  The colors were rich and included burgundy, charcoal, olive, camel, muted leopard and mustard.  There were leather dresses, feathered tanks, jersey evening gowns, sparkly paillettes used sparingly and effectively, cropped jackets and expertly cut high waisted pants.  The handbags were gorgeous and came in a triangular shape as well as a puffy evening bag style.  I loved every piece!  


The room was filled with over 300 fashionistas including Linda Johnson Rice, Paula Brady, Virginia Bobins, Marianne Strokirk, Mary Ann Childers, Jesse Garza, Joe Lupo, Mark Gill, Stacey Jones, Marty Higgins, Denise Stefan, Marilyn Vitale, Ava and Greg Vorwaller, Kathy Moats, Sherrill Bodine, Peggy Martay, Jo Heindel, Jan and Brian Hieggelke, Kim Keywell, Carol and Jim Tichy, Robin Berger, Patricia Cox, Sheridan Road Magazine publisher John Conatser, Jocelyn Stoller, Amelia Silva, Chris Long, Juanita Jordan, , Helen Jaeger Roth, Ellen Sandor, Liz Lefkofsky, Julie Christopher and Chris Lueking, Cynthia Holbrook, Henry Sotomayer, Tina Koegel, Marcel Chevalier, Samantha Conrad and many others.      


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