The March Issue: My Chicago Magazine Shoot

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With Art Director Megan Lovejoy, photographer Erika Dufour and makeup artist Sharon Casey

The phone call came out of the blue from former Tribune society scribe, Lucinda Hahn.  “Hi Candace, remember me?  I will be writing a story about you for Chicago Magazine.”   She followed me everywhere–even came to my house for Christmas (but by then she had come as a friend).  I must say it really was a bit unnerving to have someone watching you and writing down God Knows What about your various conversations and encounters.  Not to mention, she also delved into my past–all the way back to Junior High School!  Let’s just say she now knows more about me than my mother ever did!  First, she joined me at the World of Chocolate event benefitting the Aids Foundation (I was a judge), then we went to my event for Common Threads which was a launch party for their first cookbook at the Omni (I was the host), after this, we went to Jerry Kleiner’s Icon Theater opening.  It seems she called and talked to almost everyone who ever knew me or, in some cases, who barely knew me…..and then the photos….  Fortunately, I am a saver (much to my husband’s chagrin) but happily, to Lucinda the reporter.  She asked for and got all of my past modeling photos, family photos, house photos and even garden photos!  For all of the information she collected about me, I believe we could do a book or two together.


A photo shoot was soon arranged to open the article… Erika Dufour (remember this name, she is amazing) shot me at her studio on W. Fulton and Sharon Casey did the makeup (equally amazing!).  She applied false lashes and even knew how to make my “snake lips” look fuller without looking fake.  Megan Lovejoy was the art director on the shoot and she was a delight too! 


Look for the March issue of Chicago Magazine which will be on the stands starting February 18th…..  ( and Sharon Casey,


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  • You look gorgeous Candace! And that necklace . . . oh my! So spectacular. Can't wait to read the article in my March issue of Chicago Mag.

  • Congrats, Candace! That Lanvin on you is spectacular. Can't wait to read the article!!
    XOXO, Brandon

  • Candace, Just read the article in Chicago Mag. Loved it!! Giving it to Mom to read!

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