New Year's Eve at the Playboy Mansion!

The moment we pulled up in front of the Playboy Mansion in LA and saw it decorated and lit up in deep shades of pink and purple, I knew it was going to be a great party.

The buzz started as soon as we walked through the front door and when we stepped into the tented backyard with all of the decorations, it took our breath away. The tables all held fabulous floral arrangements and the backdrop was eye-popping as well. It was Playboy at its finest….Hef looked terrific too and very happy with the Shannon Twins and Crystal Harris by his side.

There were lots of familiar faces….it seemed like everyone was a good friend of Hef, not just partygoers in general as in some year’s past.

I saw long-time Hef friend Hugh O’Brien in the room–looking much older on a cane but still dressed like Wyatt Earp. In the crowd were astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his wife Lois (just back from a skiing weekend in Deer Valley), Julie Newmar (who was slamming down jello shots–not a pretty look for Catwoman!), Lou Ferrigno (the “Incredible Hulk”), Kato Kaelin (who was proud to point out he had the same girlfriend, Amber, as he had at the last New Year’s Eve party).

Also there were Jane Russell (who’s 85 now with dark black hair), former Bears wide receiver Willie Gault, Jerry Buss (owner of the LA Lakers), Terry Moore (ex-paramour of Howard Hughes), Bridget Marquardt (looking very happy with boyfriend Nick Carpenter), Corey Feldman, Jose Canseco, Serria Tawan (Miss Nov. 2002), Dolores Del Monte (Miss March 1954), 25th Anniversary Playmate Candy Loving, Peggy McIntaggart (Miss Jan. 1990), 1976 PMOY Lillian Muller with her photographer boyfriend, Maurice Rinaldi, Cynthia Myers (Miss Dec. 1968), Julie McCullough (Miss Feb. 1986) and Victoria Valentino (Miss Sept. 1963) among many others. Even Hef’s high school sweetheart, Betty, was there!

The beautiful young servers and dancers were all body-painted and, if you recall, this is how Hef met Kendra. I think many of these young girls have similar dreams and when I asked one of them about the process, she said master body-painter, Mark Frazier, sends out a casting call to various agencies around town and then the girls audition.

But the final selections are made by Hef himself. We met a gorgeous, sexy girl, Kristy Ann Keppel Spillane (no relation to the writer), who has been body painted 4 times for Playboy parties….you can certainly see why!

She told me the girls make $400 for the event and this was her comment about the party, “I think this New Year’s Eve party was fantastic! More low key than most of the parties I’ve attended but that made it more intimate and exclusive.”

1954 Playmate Dolores Del Monte (who attends many Playboy parties) had this to say, “It was completely different from any I’ve been to in 12 years. It had a homey, family feel to it.” I agree on all counts….(Only 300 guests were invited to this year’s party.)

Nearer to midnight everyone took to the dance floor and a rap group took over the mikes. The Twins and several other beautiful ladies took to the stage and then the balloons dropped.

Hef’s brother Keith was seen kissing a beautiful woman and all around there were tears and hugs. No one wanted to leave and the party lasted until 3:30 AM! Another year had passed at the Playboy Mansion and all was right in Hef’s world!

Welcome to 2010!


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  • I went to the mansion a few times when I lived in LA. Just went once for New Years but it was an incredible party. I didn't have the balls (or the body) to pull off the outfits those playmates are wearing, but it sure was fun to see everyone else dressed (or undressed) to the nines. : )

  • In reply to sarahspain:

    Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you had a good time at the parties! I think they're fun and it's always never know who you'll see! Hope your 2010 is the best year yet for you and thanks so much for the comment! CJ

  • In reply to sarahspain:

    I didn't mean to lump you into my "low IQ" designation for going to the party, I meant the people who buy into the whole Playboy brand, ie wear the clothes, the purses, buy the Girls Next Door (thats the tv show) dvd sets to idolize them, and all that. I would guess you don't go out and buy Playboy brand shot glasses or babydoll T's that say "playmate", and I'm sure most parents would object to their daughter wearing Playboy items. I would be even more upset if my 18 year old daughter was the "girlfriend" of an 80 something year old pornographer.

    I'm sure the parties are great, very fun and a great guest list. They cost a lot of money to throw, and are possibly one of the reasons the companys stock has been so bad.

    I'm sure they are having a good time, especially nowadays since hes older and probably not sleeping with them. But I don't think a woman, or girl since they are only 19, can have any self respect and sleep with a guy who is 70 or 80, that is prostitution, they do it in exchange for allowance and living in the mansion. But that is my opinion I know to each their own.

  • In reply to Brooklyn:

    I am guilty of watching the show 'The Girls Next Door', I loved it, it's like seeing into a different world that is not reality in a way. I still watch 'Kendra' sometimes now that she has her own spin-off. It's mindless yet entertaining. I think they all had tons of fun and adventure traveling and parties, but it was nice to see that all 3 of the girls moved on with their lives. I would love to go to the Midsummer Night's Dream party!!!!

  • In reply to sarahspain:

    I have been blessed to have a number of friends who were playmates for Playboy and I fond them to be smart business people and all of them give back to their communities working with charities, theaters and on heath issue.

  • In reply to sarahspain:

    @Ed Howlett: You found them to be smart business people? How are you to be respected as a woman in business when your colleagues and associates have seen your breasts and nude body shots? I don't believe that. These girls who pose nude are more likely to end up as a veteran cocktail waitress or trophy wife than a business woman!

    I am all for their choice to pose, and the magazine's right to exist, but that doesn't mean it should be acceptable by our mainstream culture. When it becomes admirable and legit, more young women get the message that this is the ideal, and that is sad.

    @ Brooklyn: I agree that the business is bad, wasn't it taken off the stock exchange? The last thing to go, however, will be their image. Hence the parties, young girlfriends. Playboy has a disgusting side though. I read the book 'Bunny Tales' by a former girlfriend of Hef's-- wow, was it disgusting. It was an expose of life at the mansion. It was not the first one, a previous woman wrote a tell-all Jill Ann Spaulding. Read that, then see how swanky you think the lifestyle is.

  • Playboy is a dying enterprise. Only a popular brand today with those with an IQ less than 95.

    Hefner has ran through all the money, the new prostitutes he has now are not nearly of the personality of the last ones who had the tv show. Those twins are not only boring, they are flat chested, does not fit the Playboy beauty standards and are not very attractive. Would be hard for him to get really attractive women to be there anyway, at least ones with any education or brains... or self-respect.

  • In reply to Brooklyn:

    Hi Brooklyn, I appreciate your comments and think you are certainly entitled to your opinion but I disagree. I've enjoyed my Playboy experience immensely and remember, these girls aren't being forced against their wills....he's having a good time and from what I could see, so were they....I say "to each their own" ....Hope you have a great 2010 and thanks for reading Candid Candace!

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