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Inside the Playboy Mansion: Plus Playmates and Pinups at L.A. Glamourcon!

Playboy was alive and well and flourishing at Glamourcon 48 in LA recently. Enjoy these photos from the event and my follow-up visit to see Hef at the Playboy Mansion.

Latino Fashion Week Delights a Fashionable Crowd

Thanks to Latino Fashion Week for adding even more glamour and excitement to Chicago’s fashion community and to their premier sponsor, AztecAmerica Bank, for their support!    And now I will let the photos (most by Steve Starr) speak for themselves! 

Michael Kors Opening Party Rocks 900 Shops!


Chicago Magazine Chooses 5 "Men to Watch"

Emmanuel Nony, Rick Gresh, Luca Lanzetta and Greg Hyder. Chicago Magazine has chosen five “Men to Watch” for an upcoming feature and recently there was a party at the David Yurman Boutique (40 E. Oak St.) to celebrate.  Greg Hyder, Emmanuel Nony, Rick Gresh, Tom Kehoe and Luca Lanzetta are the lucky guys.  The only... Read more »