Elysian hosts NBC Premiere of "The Heart of Hollywood: The Chicago Link"


Bill Zwecker, Chris O’Donnell and Brenda Sexton at the LA Chicago Link taping.

I am always so thrilled to be attending ANY parties at the Elysian but this one proved to be quite special.  It was the Chicago premiere of the NBC special, “The Heart of Hollywood: The Chicago Link” presented by Chicago Link Productions (Brenda Sexton) and produced by Resolution Digital Studios.  Brenda always brings out the A-list but for this production, she brought out the Hollywood set as well.  Previously, in Santa Monica, at RJ and Jerrod Melman’s restaurant, La Grande Orange, Brenda hosted the event which was taped and then shown at the Elysian party on October 27th


Airing on NBC on October 31st at 6 PM and also on November 1st at 11 PM, this film captures Chicago‘s entertainment icons’ loyalty and love of their hometown.  Interviews include Tom Dreesen, Virginia Madsen, Jeff Garlin, Harold Ramis, Chris O’Donnell, Joe Mantegna and Bonnie Hunt, among others.  Richard Roeper and Bill Zwecker hosted the red carpet at that event and conducted many of the interviews. 


The Elysian’s party hosts were Mary Beth Malone and David Pisor, emcee was Tom Dreesen and the Red Carpet hosts for this evening as well were Richard Roeper and Bill Zwecker.  The host committee included Carrie Birkel, Christopher Conway, Senator Ken Dunkin, Chaz Ebert, Sonya Jackson, Sherren Leigh, Debbie Marchese, Lyn McKeaney, Helen Melchior, Rich, RJ and Jerrod Melman, Susanna Negovan, Steve Traxler, Julee White and Larry Wert among others.  Guests included Bruce MacArthur, Billy Marovitz, Lee and Jeff Facklis, Jeff Jacobs, Marty and Jack Higgins, Richard Dent, Maureen Schulman, Dick Portillo, Denis Healy, Peg and Steve Lombardo, Mickey Norton, Trevian Kutti, Patrick Plante, Jocelyn Stoller and Sean Eshagy. (Additional photos by Mitch Canoff and Jennifer Girard).



Richard Dent pic.jpg

With Brenda Sexton, Bill Zwecker and Richard Dent at the Elysian party.


Virginia Madsen and Tom Dreesen at LA taping.


Molly and RJ Melman with Jeff Garlin and Jerrod Melman at the LA (Santa Monica) party at their restaurant, La Grande Orange.

rjand joemantegna_DSC0263.JPG

RJ Melman and Joe Mantegna at the LA (Santa Monica) party for NBC taping.

zweckerand hayes_DSC0621.JPG

Red carpet host Bill Zwecker and Hayes MacArthur taping the NBC special.

el--Lynn McMahan, Atilla Gyulai.jpg

Lynn McMahan and Elysian’s Atilla Gyulai at the Elysian for the Chicago Link film premiere.


Nia Vardalos at the NBC taping in LA (Santa Monica).

EL-Sonya Jackson, Julee White.jpg

Sonya Jackson and Julee White at the NBC film premiere at the Elysian.


Eitsa Bizios, Richard Roeper, Sarah Cooley and Michelle Carney at the Elysian.


Chuck, Jack Higgins and Steve Lombardo.

el--Candace Jordan, Tom Dreesen, Sherren Leigh.jpg

With Tom Dreesen and Sherren Leigh at the Elysian.

Burt Levydreesen,brenda,chaz,rjmelman.jpg

Burt Levy, Tom Dreesen, Brenda Sexton, Chaz Ebert and Rich Melman at the Elysian.

El-Tom Dreesen, Bruce MacArthur, Rocky Wirtz, Marilyn Wirtz, Bill Zwecker.jpg

Tom Dreesen, Bruce MacArthur, Rocky and Marilyn Wirtz and Bill Zwecker at the Elysian.


Susan Bloomquist, AT & T’s Gina Macchitelli, Meghan Roskopf and Amy Grundman at the Elysian.

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