Chicago's World Fashion at the Harris Rooftop

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World Fashion Chicago showcases our sister cities’ style.

Chicago‘s recent World Fashion Show was world class thanks to the efforts of ZZAZZ Production’s Tracey Tarantino and the incredible support from our fashion community.  More than 35 designers, inspired by Chicago’s 28 sister cities, were featured alongside international designers from Milan, Italy; Shanghai, China; Durban, South Africa; Petach Tikva, Israel and Vilnius, Lithuania.   This year’s show featured local talent such as Melissa Serpico, Vika Brown, Anna Fong, Yana German, Mira Couture, Paul Sisti, Sylwia, Kate Jacobson, Bobbie Chi and John Shultz as well as three designers from Israel, Lithuania and China who had travelled to Chicago especially for this event. 


These global fashions represented the wonderful cultural diversity that our great city has to offer and was presented on the Harris Theater Rooftop Terrace.  At the beginning of the show there was a “Hello Sister” video narrated by Oprah Winfrey which was originally created for the IOC visit (we all know the sad results of this).  It was a very exciting event and as you approached the Rooftop, dramatic lighting pointed the way to the tent enclosed venue.  There were photographers everywhere and video cameras were recording all of the moments.  The designers were being interviewed in front of the Step-and-Repeat and ticket holders were air kissing their friends and taking photos–the atmosphere was abuzz with activity and reminded me of the excitement of NY Fashion Week. 


Guests were all chicly dressed and even though there was a chill in the air, everyone was very warm in spirit.  Fashionistas in attendance included Melissa Gamble (Director of Fashion Arts & Events at Dept. of Cultural Affairs) and her hubby, Richard Gamble (new publisher of Chicago Magazine), Hazel Barr, Greg Hyder, Amy Wimer, Vonita Reescer, Peggy Martay, Sheryl Dyer, Charles Ifergan (who’s styling team did the hair for the event), Jean Antoniou, Barbara Glass, Rich Varnes (RL Restaurant was a sponsor), John Colletti, Telemundo’s Tsi-tsi-ki Felix and Andrew Hayes, Jennifer Lane and Ann Estsas among many others. (additional photos courtesy of Steve Starr.)

Chicagopinkdress International   Photos by Steve Starr   09-30-09 103.JPG

Colorful designs at World Fashion.

Chicagopaulsisti and johnschultz International   Photos by Steve Starr   09-30-09 153.JPG

Designers Paul Sisti and John Schultz with Ann Estsas.


Richard and Melissa Gamble with designer Paul Sisti.

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Charles Ifergan and his styling team.

Chicagofashioinshot International   Photos by Steve Starr   09-30-09 057.JPG

Designer John Schultz, RL’s Rich Varnes, Gibson’s John Colleti and Chuck Jordan.


Fashion blogger Barbara Glass and her darling daughter.


The Harris Rooftop lit up for World Fashion Chicago.


Telemundo’s Tsi-tsi-ki Felix and Andrew Hayes.


Designer Yana German.


Designer Sylwia Wilczynska.


Greg Hyder and Amy Wimer.


Sheryl Dyer and Jean Antoniou.


World class design at World Fashion.


Designers Paul Sisti and John Schultz wowed the crowd with color.


The United States was represented with this trio in red, white and blue.


Melissa Gamble and show producer Tracey Tarantino.

Chicagomira International   Photos by Steve Starr   09-30-09 210.JPG

Designer Mira.

Chicago InPeggymartayternational   Photos by Steve Starr   RR 09-30-09 252.jpg

jennifer Lane and Peggy Martay.

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