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With Mont Blanc’s Patrick Parkey and Amanda Puck.

I know, I know!  I’m a little late with my Blogapalooza coverage but I still wanted to let you all know what fun it was and show you pics of all of the great people who came to the event hosted by Chicago Now and the 900 Shops on September 24th.  Chicago Now bloggers were stationed all over the mall at selected retailers and restaurants meeting fans and friends and passing out treats. Caitlin Giles, of “Wee Windy City” treated the kids to face painting, scavenger hunts and cookies while Brandon Frein and Arlene Matthews of “Styled in Chicago” created some new looks at Bloomingdale’s for a few lucky guests and presented fall fashions with personal shopper, Joyce SobczykSarah Stegner of “Prairie Chefs” gave cooking demonstrations at Williams-Sonoma while I mingled with friends at Mont Blanc.  We served champagne and delicious food from Le Colonial.  I like to think my friends came to see me but I have to be honest with myself–it was the food and drink! 



Anyway, lots of Chicago Now’s top bloggers participated including darling Ashley Bond (Miss Illinois 2009) who gave tips for working out and staying healthy at Equinox, Matt Lo Cascio of “Jay Cutler Superstar” and Julie DiCaro of “A League of Her Own” met guests and talked Chicago sports while treating them to cocktails and shoe shines and RedEye’s Stephen Markey held a meet and greet featuring Bloody Marys and breakfast bites at Oak Tree Restaurant and Bakery. (Stephen wrote a very funny account of his Blogapalooza experience on Chicago Now entitled “I Think I’m Still Drunk from Blogapalooza” see link :


Friends who turned out to visit included Ryan Salzwedel, Jeffrey Alters, Bill Maxwell and Ryan Salz (Channel 3), Jon and Andrew Landan, Vincent Anzalone, Mable Buckner, Lynn McMahan, David Dvorak, Lonnie Rodriguez, Gina Driskell, JoAnne Bush, Michael Roberts, Julia Jacobs-Sandford, Allison Rausch, Kellen Sisler, Denise Sinz, Callahan Tormey, Kerry and Sally Schor, Jennifer Wirth, Rita Fisher, Joey Majumdar and  Rebecca Franson among others.    I hope you get a chance to check out all of the great blogs at



Showing my Chicago Now pride on Michigan Avenue!



Julia Jacobs-Sandford, Kerry Shorr, Jennifer Wirth and Sally Shorr.


Beautiful Lynn McMahan found a unique limited edition pen at the party!


JoAnne Bush and Gina Driskell.


Gonzalo Escobar, Ana Fernatt and Josh Roma


Chicago Now’s chic Tracey Schmidt and Mallory Hoke


Style maven, Barbara Glass, at our Mont Blanc party.


Allison Rausch, Kellen Sisler and Denise Sinz.


Channel 3’s Chuck Benson and Michael Roberts.


Rita Fisher and Drew Vanlahr.


Beautiful AND charming Miss Illinois 2009, Ashley Bond.




With my Chicago Now boss, Bill Adee.


Chicago Now blogger AND Miss Illinois 2009, Ashley Bond, with “Jeweler to the Stars” Jeffrey Alters.


Mable Buckner, Sylvia Rollins and Millicent White.


Daniel Kinkade and Rebecca Franson.


Here’s a toast to our first Blogapalooza!


With Callahan Tormey at Mont Blanc.


Joey Majumdar and Sophia Forero.


With hors d’oeuvres from Le Colonial served by Teresa Quezada and Valerie Cao no wonder the party was such a success!


Jill Thomas, Greta Schetnan, Sarah Lebens and Lynn Mattis.


Looks like someone had some fun with Caitlin Giles from “Wee Windy City”!!!


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