Appetizing Fun at Green City Market

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At Green City Market with Sunda Chef Rodelio Aglibot and fellow Chicago Now blogger, Billy Dec.

I can see the Green City Market sign from my front yard in Old Town.  It’s a real comfort knowing that all of that fresh, healthy food is only ½ block away.  If you haven’t been to a Green City Market before then you are missing an experience that will make you feel like you’re shopping in a charming small vibrant market in Provence.  The colors, the smells and the sounds make you think of kinder, simpler times. 


Green City Market is Chicago‘s only year round farmer’s market and it promotes local, sustainable farmers, producers and chefs by connecting them to the public through educational programming and special events.  It runs from May–Oct. 31st on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7 AM–1 PM at the south end of Lincoln Park between Clark and Stockton.  You will be surprised at the selection of items to be found there.  One producer deals strictly in lamb, Kinikinnick Farm makes an incredible arugula pesto and River Valley Kitchens makes an amazing 5-cheese garlic spread that is to die for.  You’ll also find an abundance of flowers, award winning cheeses, canned sauces, jams and jellies, home-made pastas, an array of greens and of course vegetables of every shape, size, color and flavor.  There is even an on-site crepe station using seasonal produce.  When I was there it was a fresh berry crepe….Oh my…



Over 83 chefs and restaurants support the market by participating in events and/or purchasing products.  If you see GCM after an item on a restaurant menu, then this means that the chef supports Green City Market and is using products purchased there.  And you never know who you’ll run into……the last time I went, fellow Chicago Now blogger, Billy Dec, was giving a demonstration with his Sunda chef Rodelio Aglibot!  For more info about Green City Market, click on





Zucchini flowers….


I had no idea there were so many different types of radishes!


They will even arrange their flowers for you….


Making crepes…


There is a vast array of beautiful vegetables.


After the cooking demonstrations, observers are all given a copy of the recipe for the dish that was prepared.


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  • So much to love about the Green City Market. My kiddos are big fans and we try to go on Wednesday mornings when we can. They are addicted to the Seedling smoothies. I am addicted to the crepes. Delish.

  • In reply to caitlingiles:

    Hi Caitlin! So nice to hear from you! You are making lifetime memories for your kids by taking them to GCM! Boy, I wish something like this existed when I was growing up! I agree about the crepes too--this is the only bad part about the market being so close to me!!! Have a great week! Candace :-)

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