Shelley MacArthur Farley, Shauna Montgomery, Whitney Lasky and me.

Thursday afternoon, Shelley MacArthur Farley, Shauna Montgomery, Whitney Lasky and I all gathered at Shauna’s gorgeous N. Lake Shore Drive apartment to meet and audition for Becky Cattie of Towers Productions.  It was a perfectly sunny day and we were all seated in front of a large bank of windows which made the lighting perfect for our group audition.  Becky’s assistant, Mary Kozelka, did the filming. 

We had all previously filled out an extensive questionnaire that consisted of questions such as: what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done; were you ever arrested; describe your personality; are you a citizen or legal resident; what are you passionate about; who are the people you surround yourself with; describe a typical day in your life; what would people not know just by looking at you; have you ever had a restraining order against you; have you ever filed for bankruptcy; describe a typical day in your life….etc.  It was 8 pages long and I will tell you that now Towers Productions knows more about me than my husband!!! 

After the group interview, Becky interviewed us individually.  We were told they are looking at 4 or 5 more groups and we should know in 3 weeks or so.   I know there are a zillion awesome women in Chi-Town so Becky and Mary have their work cut out for them!!  Good luck to ALL and may the best Housewives win!  J))) 

And in case you missed it, here’s a segment I shot last week with Marian Brooks on the NBC show “The Talk”!

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com/video.


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  • Congrats on the audition! Becky is great - I've met her out and about in Chicago. I know she takes her casting very seriously. Hope you guys get the call!

  • In reply to leahjones:

    Hi Leah! Thanks for the comment! Sorry I'm so late getting back to you! And I agree, Becky is terrific! I hope she thinks the same about me!!! :-))))))

  • In reply to leahjones:

    You would be fabulous for the show! We are all rooting for you back in St. Louis! You have ALWAYS been my idol! ;0)

  • In reply to iwantitall&now:

    Hi there "I want it all and now"!!! I'm so sorry I'm just now getting back to you!!! I hope all is well in St. Louis!! I miss not coming back home to Dupo....but I hope to return soon! Have a wonderful summer and thanks for the wonderful comment!!! Candace :-)

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