Choosing a Theme for a Memoir

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when writing a memoir is choosing a theme. This is incredibly important because you want to choose something personal, yet at the same time, something that will keep your readers interested.

For example, in my cancer memoir, I’ve chosen the medical aspects of my journey as a theme because it’s something that I get asked about pretty often, and therefore I thought it was something that people would be interested in following. Of course, there are other aspects of my journey as well- school, friends, etc. But I chose not to include that because people aren’t nearly as interested in those aspects as they are in the medical ones.

My main points here are:

1. Chose something you know people will be interested in!

2. To judge what people are interested in, think about what part of your story comes up in conversation naturally in everyday life. If you can pick one overarching aspect and then work from there to tell the story chronologically, you;ve got the foundation for a great story!

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