Book Review: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

This has to be one of my all-time favorite memoirs. It’s a definite page-turner, and it’s incredibly well written. The most amazing thing of all is that the novel is actually being made into a movie later this summer!! It’ll be in theaters on August 11, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

One aspect of this movie that’ll be hard to wrap my head around, however, is what it’ll be like for Jeanette to see her story portrayed by someone else! How weird would it be to have someone else acting as you?!

Jeanette Walls grew up in a pretty dysfunctional family. Her dad was drunk, and her mother was pretty free spirited and relaxed. She didn’t really provide any guidance for her children (Jeanette and her three siblings), so they pretty much raised themselves. Additionally, the family also struggled with money (partially due to Mr. Walls’ alcoholism!), which created additional hurdles. Jeanette is an incredibly resilient person who decided for herself that she wanted to succeed in life. She was determined to go to college, and she did– and graduated with flying colors!

If you are considering seeing the movie, I implore you to read the novel first! That way you’ll have a basic understanding of the plot and appreciation for it. We all know that movies tend to change the original plot, so if you read the book first, you’ll get to experience the original beauty of the story before it’s changed by the movie.

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