Rough First Drafts

In the writing process, it’s inevitable that all authors will experience the agony that is writing the first draft. Crafting the crucial first sentence can be crucial for writing a good piece; unfortunately, writing that first sentence is MUCH easier said than done!

Rough drafts is an oh-too-real concept. With this particular memoir that I’m writing now, my first draft was terrible. I stared writing about a year and a half ago– long before I’d taken my amazing non-fiction writing class at Loyola Chicago. That, however, is exactly the beauty of the first’s a draft! You get all your ideas out on paper and then have the opportunity to revise them. And when you do get around to revising, it’s such an invigorating feeling to see those revisions and see your memoir take shape!

To all of my fellow writers out there struggling with drafting, stick with it! I know it’s agonizing, but it really does pay off in the end. I’d also recommend finding someone that you trust to critique your writing. It can really make a difference. For me, that person has been my creative writing professor. She’s done an amazing job, and I’m thankful for her guidance!

Keep calm and WRITE ON!!

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