The virtue of patience

Last night, I’ve discovered I would have to rework the entire first chapter of my memoir. I started my first chapter right when I found the bump, but failed to tell my readers anything else about what my life was like at the time. I was in third grade when I first found it, so... Read more »

Telling the Truth

We all have aspects of our lives we would rather move past. We might have treated someone else badly, been mistreated by someone else, as well as many other possibilities. In my case, my secret involved a medical illness. I was terrified to expose myself and write this memoir because it was an extremely personal... Read more »


When writing a memoir, especially one about something like mine that has taken place over a long period of time, it is easy to forget the exact details of what happened over the course of it all. Sure, you remember exact dates and the general details of things that happened, but when it comes down... Read more »

Memoir Review: Autobiography of a Face

Tonight, I’ll be reviewing this lesser known book about a British girl who immigrates to New York city after being diagnosed with sarcoma (cancer) in her jaw. Unfortunately, this requires an operation to remove a third of her jaw, along with radiation and chemotherapy. I am just now getting to the part in which Lucy... Read more »

Blog-a-Palooza: My Sense of Humor

I have a very sarcastic sense of humor. I love memes and people who have the gift of making sarcastic comments that are funny without trying to be. To me, the best humor is done by those people who don’t try! Some of my favorite comedians are Ellen DeGeneres, Robin Williams (RIP!) and Alec Baldwin... Read more »

Distancing Yourself When Writing A Memoir

As memoirists, we often write about heavy and emotional subjects for our books. For instance, my heavy memoir topic involves a health scare that turned out to have many hidden blessings. For those of you new to my site, welcome! You can read what I’ve posted so far, and I will post more of my memoir... Read more »

Blog-a-palooza August 2017: Hodgepodge!

There were so many good prompts for this blog-a-palooza, and I couldn’t possibly pick just one, so I decided to answer several of them because I love them all! “Write about a character or scene in a movie or book that affected you.” Most (well now all!) of you know about my love of  The... Read more »

Blog-a-Palooza: Cringe-worthy moments

Today’s surprise blog-a-palooza question asks us to recount a cringe-worthy moment from our past. Most of mine involve me saying something stupid and/or rude and then later regretting it. The worst time was in Oct. 2014 when a coworker and I were talking about our plans for the future and I asked her where she... Read more »

Travel Bucket List

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be throwing in some get-to-know-you posts to go along with my writing posts. I’d love for my fellow bloggers to get to know me outside of the cancer world! To kick it off, I’m going to be posting a travel bucket list. The bucket list is as... Read more »

Blog-a-Palooza: Fictional Character

For those of you visiting for the first time, welcome! My choice for a fictional character whom I’d like to spend time with is Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Ariel is and has always been one of my favorite Disney princesses (along with Aurora, but I thought Ariel might have a few more options in... Read more »